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Exploring FPGA Design Flows for DSP
Part 2 of our DSP/FPGA series explores the design methodology and tools involved in implementing high-performance DSP algorithms in FPGA.
Achieving Timing Closure with FPGA Physical Synthesis
Today's complex FPGA designs can present significant challenges in meeting timing constraints. This paper explores how Physical Synthesis can deterministically reach timing closure without the usual lengthy, unpredictable treadmill of design iterations.
Design Documentation with HDL Designer
Are you spending time creating and updating design documentation by hand? HDL Designer Series can significantly reduce the time it takes to accurately create documents in order to communicate with your internal and external customers. This paper provides an overview of the approach to solving these issues:

~ You just inherited a large, existing design and you need to quickly understand and document it
~ You need to share a design with others via the web
~ You need to publish design documents

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ModelSim Basic Training
Verification and Test Bench Creation for Verilog Users
Advanced Xilinx Optimization with Precision RTL Synthesis
Verification and Test Bench Creation for VHDL Users
Empower your Designs to Meet the Silicon of Your Choice
Achieving Timing Closure for High Performance FPGA Designs
Say No To Visio Say Yes To HDL Designer
Handling Complex FPGA Designs: All the Capabilities that Your Current Tool is Missing

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