eSpatial Pilots Free Custom Demo of Flagship Software, Responding to Strong Market Demand
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eSpatial Pilots Free Custom Demo of Flagship Software, Responding to Strong Market Demand

14 September 2011 -- eSpatial, leading provider of GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and pioneer in GIS delivered via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), is piloting a new initiative for prospective customers: offering them a free custom demo of eSpatial OnDemand GIS™, the company’s GIS software.

Offered as a pilot to selected organisations since August 2011, the free custom demo provides the prospective customer with the opportunity to see what a sample of their own organisational data looks like on a map.

Already known as a disruptive force in the geospatial industry due to their commitment to the SaaS delivery model, eSpatial has continued to ruffle feathers by dealing with both GIS experts, and newcomers to location intelligence.

The free custom demonstration initiative was initially aimed at the newcomers: businesspeople who wanted to map their data, but were intimidated by complex GIS technology, and weren’t sure how to maximise their investment in data mapping.

The company was pleasantly surprised to discover that while newcomers to location intelligence were quick to accept the offer, it was embraced no less enthusiastically by GIS experts.

“We’re absolutely delighted by the positive response to the offer of a free custom demonstration of our software,” says Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Colm Mulcahy.

“Providing a relevant, working example of our software makes it very easy for prospective customers to understand the power and benefits of GIS for their organisation – and the excellent value offered by eSpatial OnDemand GIS.”

While the initiative is still in pilot stage, the company anticipates that it will soon become a permanent part of their offering.

“Our work with non-traditional GIS users has taught us that every organisation can benefit from the use of GIS software,” says Mulcahy.

“We’re committed to providing effective ways of exploring those benefits – and we regard our free custom demonstration initiative as a very promising method of doing this.”

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About eSpatial OnDemand GIS
eSpatial OnDemand GIS transforms data with a geographic component into easily-understood maps, charts and graphs that can be interpreted to provide actionable business insights.

Combining the latest innovations in software delivery and usability with the full functionality of a Geographic Information System (GIS), eSpatial OnDemand GIS makes location intelligence available to any organisation.

eSpatial OnDemand GIS is an affordable, predictable, and scalable location intelligence tool, suitable for both GIS experts and newcomers to location intelligence alike. It also provides an ideal enterprise grade hosted services delivery platform for geospatial applications.

Interested in experiencing eSpatial OnDemand GIS for yourself? Request a free custom demonstration with a sample of your own data!

About eSpatial
eSpatial is a leading provider of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and a pioneer in the provision of location intelligence delivered via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Our flagship product, eSpatial OnDemand GIS (formerly known as iSMART), has pioneered the availability of a full-function GIS or location intelligence tool with SaaS delivery.

As an established presence in the GIS and location intelligence space, eSpatial has developed considerable expertise and intellectual property in spatial software use and development.

We are proud to work with leading technology partners such as Oracle, NAVTEQ and Digital Globe; and to count many leading organisations amongst our global customer base.

eSpatial is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

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Laura Lilienthal, Corporate Marketing Manager, eSpatial, 2nd floor, Block A1, EastPoint Business Park, Fairview, Dublin 3, Ireland.

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