HYPERSIM is setting a new performance benchmark for real-time simulation of large power grids and micro-grids using the latest Intel 32-Core computer system
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HYPERSIM is setting a new performance benchmark for real-time simulation of large power grids and micro-grids using the latest Intel 32-Core computer system

MONTREAL, June 21, 2013 — (PRNewswire) — OPAL-RT TECHNOLOGIES, the leading provider of open PC-based real-time digital simulators, announces the availability of HYPERSIM, supporting standard Intel-compatible multi-core PCs and all OPAL-RT advanced Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) real-time I/O systems. Combined with the latest four-socket 32-core Intel-compatible motherboard, HYPERSIM enables  real-time simulation of large power grids, micro-grids distributed generation systems with more than 2,400 electrical nodes with a simulation time step below 50 micro-seconds. Such a performance level, achieved with standard computer technology outperforms all other very expensive competing digital real-time simulators using custom-made DSP and risk processor boards.

"This new level of performance proves, once again, the strength of our strategy of using standard computer technology, instead of custom computer boards to provide the best products to our customer at the best price," says Jean Belanger, CEO and OPAL-RT co-founder, adding, "OPAL-RT strategy is to democratize real-time simulation technologies by taking advantage of the best technologies developed for the mass market."

HYPERSIM's 32-core simulators help engineers and scientists to design new distributed and renewable generation concepts and optimize actual power transmission and distribution systems. Electrical grids integrating power electronic systems such as HVDC transmission, FACTS, photo-voltaic cells (PV), wind turbine converters and plug-in-hybrid vehicles, can be simulated in detail to accurately evaluate electromagnetic transients and system performance. The simulator can predict component stresses and dynamic performances for several normal and fault conditions that would be either impractical or too dangerous to perform on actual systems. Such accurate simulation requires a fast parallel computer capable of achieving simulation steps in less than 50 microseconds, or below one microsecond in the case of very fast power electronic systems. Furthermore, the simulator must be capable of simulating very large interconnected power grids to predict cascaded events, which may lead to catastrophic continent-wide blackouts. Actual control and protection system equipment must also be connected with the simulator to verify its capability.

That's why today's power system companies, R&D centers and universities need powerful tools to simulate and analyze very large-scale power systems, in real-time interface with control, protection and with wide-area control systems that are designed to detect power grid component failures and control the power grid to prevent system collapse. OPAL-RT meets this challenge by providing scalable real-time simulation solutions used for factory acceptance, system integration testing, R&D work and commissioning tests.

Last year, Hydro-Quebec and OPAL-RT TECHNOLOGIES signed a strategic collaboration agreement for the shared development and commercialization of the HYPERSIM power system simulator. HYPERSIM runs on OPAL-RT's standard Intel-compatible multicore computer systems as well as on large SGI super computers with hundreds of processors. Such scalability, unique in the industry, enables to meet the most demanding applications and the needs of teaching institutions requiring simulators with several processor cores.  In fact, it is the most powerful simulator in the world in terms of processing power, inter-processor communication speed and scalability. Consequently, HYPERSIM allows researchers and engineers to work on issues that were impossible to work before. In this way, OPAL-RT revolutionizes the way we do real-time simulation.

OPAL-RT's vision is to democratize real-time simulation. The ease-of-use combined with lower costs for the customer, are key in the process of making simulation accessible to all. OPAL-RT uses Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) computers to offer the most cost-effective solutions on the market. Consequently, more and more customers benefit from the latest technology on the market.


OPAL-RT is a world leading developer of open, Real-Time Digital Simulators and Hardware-in-the-Loop testing equipment for electrical, electro-mechanical and power electronics systems.

Our simulators are used by engineers and researchers at leading manufacturers, utilities, universities and research centers around the world.

Our unique technological approach integrates parallel, distributed computing with commercial-off-the-shelf technologies. Customers perform Rapid Control Prototyping, System Integration, and Hardware-in-the-Loop testing of electric drives, electronic controllers and power distribution networks in a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, electric ships, power generation, rail, and industrial manufacturing.



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