Boundless CTO Presents LocationTech Tools at EclipseCon 2014
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Boundless CTO Presents LocationTech Tools at EclipseCon 2014

Juan Marin to Highlight GeoGit, Distributed Version Control for Geospatial Data

New York, NY — March 18, 2014 —  LocationTech, an Eclipse initiative to bring location awareness to enterprise IT, will feature prominently at EclipseCon 2014 this week from March 17-20 at the Hyatt San Francisco Airport in San Francisco CA.

Juan Marin, Boundless CTO, will present on “Designing Application Handling Space and Time” alongside Andrew Ross of the Eclipse foundation. The two will overview a number of projects from the LocationTech working group, including: GeoGit, GeoScript, GeoTrellis and JTS.

It’s only been one year since the Eclipse Foundation launched the LocationTech working group with founding members including Oracle, IBM, Boundless, and Actuate. Since that time, LocationTech has made its presence known by expanding from four members to a dozen, incubating four projects, evaluating ten more, and playing a central role in a number of industry events.

Boundless has been an active member of LocationTech, leading two projects to incubation while collaborating on others. Marin’s presentation will focus on GeoGit, a distributed version control system (DVCS) designed to handle the specific challenges of managing changes to geospatial data over time. GeoGit enables new and innovative workflows for collaboration by taking concepts and lessons learned from the open source programming environment and applying them to the management of geospatial information.

Following EclipseCon, Mr. Marin will be speaking at two other LocationTech events. First at the LocationTech Meetup in San Francisco on Thursday March 20th and then at the LocationTech Birthday Blast on Wednesday, March 26th in Washington DC. Join him to find out more about Boundless, GeoGit, and other LocationTech initiatives.

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