COM.BigData 2014: The International Workshop on Big Data Computing
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COM.BigData 2014: The International Workshop on Big Data Computing

Washington, DC – April 23, 2013 In order to expand our topics beyond geospatial area to meet more generic computing technical needs, the new workshop has been launched for COM.BigData 2014: The International Workshop on Big Data Computing.

Big Data is now invading in every aspect of our daily life and promise to revolutionize our life. It is “the next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity” as said McKinsey Global Institute.

Big data provides an opportunity to find insight in new and emerging types of data. How will you take advantage of this opportunity? Big Data also presents a number of challenges relating to its complexity, heterogeneity, and immense. Many of these novel challenges necessitate rethinking various aspects of information processing philosophy, data management platforms, and data computing methodologies in science, engineering, medicine, and business.

We believe that appropriate investment in Big Data will not only lead to a new wave of fundamental technological advances that will be embodied in the next generations of Big Data management platforms, systems, and products, but also has the potential to create huge economic value in the world economy for years to come.


This workshop offers a timely venue for researchers, government decision-makers, and industry partners to present and discuss their latest insights, challenges, and results in big data computing. Relevant topics include but are not limited to:

Big Data Challenges and Trends
Big Data Theoretical and Computational Models
Big Data New Data Standards
Big Data Acquisition, Integration
Big Data Infrastructure
Big Data Management
Big Data Analysis and Interpretation
Big Data Knowledge Discovery
Big Data Searching and Mining
Big Data Visualization
Big Data Security & Privacy
Big Data Business
Big Data Defense
Big Data Transportation
Big Data and Smart Cities
Big Data Education
Big Data Bioinformatics
Big Data Other Applications

COM.BigData 2014 & COM.Geo 2014 Submission Deadlines 

COM.BigData 2014 Regular Papers                April  28
COM.BigData 2014 Short Papers                      May   5  
Briefing Papers (2 pages)                      May 19
Tech Talks / Demo Talks / Posters       June 2
Courses / Workshops                           June 2
Panels / Panels+/Workshops              June  2
Hot Short Talks/Exhibitor Talks          June  30

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