Coastal Work Katwijk Starts to Take Shape
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Coastal Work Katwijk Starts to Take Shape

Short Movie about the Project

July 3, 2014 -- Since 2009 OKRA has been working on the coast defence at Katwijk. In early 2014, the construction started of this unique project. First, two million cubic metres of sand were dredged to create the new form for the coast. Subsequently, the construction of the dike and the public space began. At present, the construction of the underground car park in taking place. Once this phase is complete, the dunes and paths will be laid out over the garage and dune landscape, along with a dune boardwalk and beach square.

Seaside Resort

For the past ten years the Rijkswaterstaat, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, have been working to strengthen some weak links in the coast. Alongside building the required coastal defence, the coast zone investments also ensure that Katwijk remains a tourist destination and supporting the local economy of seaside towns. With the need to strengthen the Katwijk coast, care is taken to preserve the value of the existing town and, ultimately, how this can also be made stronger.

Relation Between Town and Beach 

In an interactive planning process OKRA defined the most important values of Katwijk; namely the relationship between the village and the beach. The chosen dyke-in-dune coastal defences, a stone-lined embankment covered and reinforced by dunes, sufficient low dunes would be built with minimal disruption between town and beach. With this construction the City Katwijk could also realise an underground parking garage behind the dyke. 

Natural Dune Landscape 

The dyke and garage are completely hidden from view by natural-looking dunes. An extensive network of paths has been built to connect village and beach, offering views of the sea. The highlight of the design is a broad dune transition that serves as a welcome space and event plaza, in total forming a vibrant heart for the coast of Katwijk coast.

Project: Coastal Work Katwijk
Area:         20 hectare

Design:OKRA landschapsarchitecten, 
In collaboration with Arcadis
Client: Municipality Katwijk, The Waterboard of Rhineland

Movie produced by: Paul de Vreugd, PDV Media