COM.* 2014 NVIDIA Keynote:The Future Car - Horsepower Replaced by Computing Power
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COM.* 2014 NVIDIA Keynote:The Future Car - Horsepower Replaced by Computing Power

Washington, DC – July 16, 2014 COM.* conference announced that Mr. Danny Shapiro, Senior Director of Automotive, Nvidia Corporation will deliver a keynote "The Future Car - Horsepower Replaced by Computing Power" at COM.* 2014 conference which will be held on August 4-6, Washington, DC.

The art and science of computing has been dramatically transformed by the invention of the graphics processing unit or GPU over a decade ago. Not only are GPUs used extensively in industries such as video games, movie production, product design, medical diagnosis, scientific research, and energy exploration, but they play a vital role in the automotive industry. From concept styling and design, to engineering and simulation, to advertising and point of sale marketing, the GPU helps designers and engineers make better, safer, more energy efficient and more affordable cars.

However while these applications of graphics and parallel processing have focused on the creation of cars, we are now seeing the need to increase the computing power inside the vehicle as well. Many cars today have numerous microcontrollers and run millions of lines of code, however tomorrow, your car will be the most powerful computer you will ever own. High-performance mobile computing and innovative sensing technology has both automakers and Silicon Valley re-thinking what the promise of a car means to consumers.

Developments in computer vision, image processing, machine learning and augmented reality - all fields that rely heavily on the GPU -- will help define the automotive experience of the future and pave the road to the self driving car. In vehicle supercomputing and connections to the cloud will forever change owning, driving and riding in a car.

Mr. Danny Shapiro is NVIDIA's Sr. Director of Automotive, focusing on solutions that enable faster and better design of automobiles, as well as in-vehicle solutions for infotainment, navigation and driver assistance.

He is a 25-year veteran of the computer graphics and semiconductor industries, and has been with NVIDIA since 2009. Prior to NVIDIA, Danny served in marketing, business development and engineering roles at ATI, 3Dlabs, Silicon Graphics and Digital Equipment.

Danny holds a BSE in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton University and an MBA from the Hass School of Business at UC Berkeley. He lives in Northern California where his home solar panel system charges his electric car.

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About COM.* Conference

COM.* 2014 has expanded to three more emerging tech areas, Big Data, driverless cars, and geospatial computing. COM.Geo has been playing a guiding role to advancing the technologies in computing for geospatial research and application since it was initiated 5 years ago.
This year, COM.* conferences and summits will focus on COM.BigData 2014, COM.DriverelessCar 2014, and COM.Geo 2014. All three will take place in the same time frame and conference center in August in Washington DC, USA as well as COM.* online Virtual Conference center.
Several leading keynotes and insightful panels from U.S. federal government and world-class industries and universities will be open to all the attendees of the three conferences and summits. There will be a great opportunity for everyone to learn trends, share visions, exchange ideas, discuss details, and expand networking circles.


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