Leonar3Do Inc. presents Leopoly, the content creation platfrorm for 3DP. Meet Leopoly in London!
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Leonar3Do Inc. presents Leopoly, the content creation platfrorm for 3DP. Meet Leopoly in London!

3D is Easy! - Leopoly introduces new, community-based modeling site with easy-to-use coloring and customization features Leonar3Do Inc is Launching its New Services on Leopoly.com,

 The Browser Based 3D Creation and Customization Platform, Opening New and Easy Doors into Burgeoning 3D Printing Industry


3D PRINTSHOW, London, September 9, 2014 – Award-winning pioneer of breakthrough 3D interactive tools, Leonar3Do will debut Leopoly.com, an online community design platform with new tools and apps, including its online color, parametric and geometric design toolset together with a community platform for makers joining 3D printing.

“The world of everyday life is about to change dramatically. The expansion of 3D printing will lead to a new form of digital literacy: the possibility to create, shape or reshape objects will be available for the many, instead of the few. Using a 3D modeling tool should be as easy as editing texts or taking pictures, and it will be.” - said Gyorgy Simo, CEO of Leonar3Do. With its brand new features, Leopoly aims to be a major advocate of this new literacy of the 21st century. “Consumers are becoming producers of physical objects
or shapes, and we are more than willing to make this transition as smooth as possible.”

With this democratization of manufacturing, Leopoly team anticipates that the process of creation is going to be less and less individual. So the platform not only provides a rich design toolset, but also opens doors to collaborative thinking and design. Users can easily create their own galleries and collections, share and like favorite objects, follow selected artists or friends, or just discussing stuff and learn from each other.

“One of the great advantages of Leopoly is that as our users browse thousands of 3D models created by others,  they can also modify and customize them easily. We call this ‘collaborative design’, simply letting users create objects of their personal taste in seconds” - said Roland Manyai, Head of Leopoly. Most of the models can be printed out in 3D, either with an integrated 3D service on the page, or by using your own 3D printers. 

Leopoly is also unique because a wide variety of customization and design toolsets are available in just one, integrated online interface. These include:

4Color tool: Best available color tool, lets you use all colors of the rainbow to fill your models with life.

4Engraving tool: Engrave and emboss text and patterns into objects in seconds.

4Sculpting tool: The easiest virtual claying tool for endless opportunities of organic shapes.

4Parametric Design tool: Sliders let you make revolving, parametric shaped objects (such as vase, cups, ring and others) in any form you can come up with in seconds.

4Cubey tool: Build object from cubes, just as you do with Lego bricks.

4Thematic apps: Using special, tailor made thematic apps let you play safely with a guarantee of quick success. Good start for any beginner!

4Import and export option: import  (scan or file) and export designs form and into other software.

4Public and private galleries and collections

Leopoly is especially targeting schools and enterprises in the 3D printing industry and other companies that are open for new opprtunities offered by 3D printing. Special EDUCATION package with sample lessons and guides help teachers and students through their first steps, while white label solutions are available for enterprises.

Visit us: Leonar3Do will be showcasing at the 3D Printshow in London between September 4-6th
in Leopoly Booth, no.D19A

Try our easy-to-use apps we’ve created especially for London 3D Printshow and inspired by the Laughing Buddha, the symbol of joy, success and fun: Leopoly.com/Buddha

Pricing, Availability

All new features are available from September 4, 2014. Using a freemium pricing model, Leopoly is free to all users.  An enhanced version of Leopoly is also available and comes with premium features such unlimited importing and exporting of designs, a personalized online gallery, and access to a range of advanced tools.  Education and white label solutions are also available in standard and tailor made packages.

The aim of the company in 2014 is to grow the user base and expand partnerships with enterprises and schools.

About Leopoly 
Leopoly story started with Leonar3Do, an innovation-award winning company, founded by young inventor Daniel Ratai. The original intention was to break with the 2D approach in which all designing methods rooted (the paper and pencil paradigm), replacing it with a three dimensional creative environment – to realize the old dream of being able to visualize the designs that we have seen in our minds in real space. “My vision has always been to create user-friendly products for everyone enabling them to draw and create in 3D. With Leopoly, users get a game-like experience that is engaging, social and fun - all at once,” stated Daniel Ratai, founder of Leonar3Do.

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