Hexagon Metrology Debuts New TESA Wireless Inductive Probes at IMTS
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Hexagon Metrology Debuts New TESA Wireless Inductive Probes at IMTS

Unique-to-the-market Probes introduce wireless bidirectional communication and more

Sep 12, 2014 -- Hexagon Metrology today announced their new line of Brown & Sharpe/TESA wireless inductive probes with groundbreaking technical features that are unique to the metrology marketplace. The new inductive probes introduce wireless bidirectional communication, and enable fast, reliable and synchronized measurements in both static and dynamic modes even when a measurement instrument is moving or under acceleration. The product line is ideal for aerospace, automotive and other industries that require high accuracy measurements and need to perform in-process gaging, often using custom fixtures. These versatile inductive probes can also be used individually on flat work pieces to perform comparative or flatness measurements, or utilized for tasks like checking run-out on cylindrical work pieces, and more. The full range of inductive probes will be featured in Hexagon Metrology’s Booth E-5202 at IMTS 2014, September 8 – 13 at McCormick Place, Chicago.

Using the proprietary TESA Wireless Interface (TWIN) protocol, these Swiss-made probes offer unprecedented stability during data transfer. The inductive probes can be incorporated into a handheld device, such as a bore or snap gage. The probes can also be attached to a measuring stand commonly found in quality control labs, where comparative measurements are taken using a setting master. With the absence of a connection cable, a wireless inductive probe provides total freedom of movement during the probe's translations and rotations around the part to be measured, especially on large components or assemblies. The instruments can be connected to the TWIN-STATION receiver, which manages and synchronizes up to eight wireless probes simultaneously.

“After three years of research and development, we are proud to announce the TESA inductive probes present a major technological leap in the field of metrology,” said Marcel Bila, TESA group marketing director. “This product line will set a new standard with its distinguishing features: excellent repeatability, outstanding longevity and versatile usage. Manufacturers will find these wireless inductive probes to be indispensable tools for many of their toughest measurement challenges. We look forward to unveiling this exciting, breakthrough product line in North America at IMTS.”

The new wireless probes are part of the Brown & Sharpe/TESA connectivity concept focused on developing solutions with easy connections between measurement instruments and a PC. The TLC (TESA Link Connector) was developed for this purpose and instruments equipped with this system, such as the Brown & Sharpe caliper TWIN-CAL, can be directly connected to a computer via cable or the TLC-TWIN module. This module can be integrated into the instrument and provides wireless and bidirectional transmission of data, enabling full freedom of movement.

Also at IMTS, the new TESA MICRO-HITE 3D Dual will be shown in the Hexagon Metrology Booth E-5202. This state-of-the-art CMM (coordinate measuring machine) offers the flexibility needed for measurement laboratories as well as shop-floor applications. Due to its unique 2-in-1 concept, a measurement sequence can be created manually for a single part, then automatically executed on a batch of parts on a pallet, which increases efficiency and productivity. The MH3D DUAL is extremely user friendly and helps to manage complex measurement applications for both novice and expert users.

About Brown & Sharpe / TESA

Hexagon Metrology’s TESA Group provides high quality precision measuring products under the Brown & Sharpe and TESA brands. Swiss made calipers, micrometers, height gages and easy to use measuring machines provide solutions for the shop floor and quality control lab.

Established in 1941, TESA SA in Renens, Switzerland, manufactures and markets today more than 5,000 dimensional metrology products, including Brown & Sharpe brand measuring tools. A worldwide direct sales and distribution network is one of the major assets of the Swiss company whose primary markets are the automotive, aerospace, watch-making, medical and metal processing. Learn more on our website at www.tesagroup.com.

About Hexagon Metrology

Hexagon Metrology offers a comprehensive range of products and services for all industrial metrology applications in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, energy and medical. By empowering our customers to fully control their manufacturing processes, we enhance the quality of products and increase efficiency in manufacturing plants around the world. For more information, visit www.hexagonmetrology.com.

Hexagon Metrology is part of Hexagon (Nordic exchange: HEXA B; www.hexagon.com). Hexagon is a leading global provider of design, measurement and visualisation technologies that enable customers to design, measure and position objects, and process and present data.

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