Samtec to Present Technical Papers and Products for Full Channel System Support at DesignCon 2015
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Samtec to Present Technical Papers and Products for Full Channel System Support at DesignCon 2015

Jan 22, 2015 -- Samtec, Inc. will participate in the DesignCon 2015 conference and exhibition, January 27 – 30 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, featuring products for future-proof and signal integrity applications, and two 40-minute technical paper sessions. The paper sessions will cover the following: achieving high signal density with good signal integrity through the use of symmetry and how to improve the quality of models by controlling or eliminating causality problems for more accurate simulation results.


Samtec is an international supplier of interconnects, cable assemblies and design solutions. Products include high speed board level interconnects, high speed cable assemblies, optical systems, IC packaging and microelectronics expertise, the industry’s largest variety of board-to-board interconnects, rugged and power systems, micro rugged interconnects and sealed products. Samtec provides full channel system support, streamlining and optimizing the signal path, from the IC to the board and beyond.


Z-Ray™ one piece arrays are ultra-low profile, high density and highly customizable. These compression contact arrays are used as interposers or integrated into connector housings. Compared to standard interposers, they feature greater density, X-Y-Z axes flexibility, increased cycle life, low normal force with high deflection range and 28+ Gbps performance. Z-Ray™ is available on multiple pitches from 0,74 mm to 1,27 mm and profiles from 0,50 mm to 10 mm.


Samtec is a second source to FCI for ExaMAX® High Speed Backplane solutions. The ExaMAX® connector system enables superior 25 Gbps electrical performance on 2,00 mm pitch. A future-proof 3,00 mm pitch design provides a path to 40 Gbps. ExaMAX® connectors meet OIF-G-LR 25 Gbps standards and feature a beam-on-beam interface with two reliable points of contact. The design minimizes the residual stub for improved SI performance and provides low mating force while maintaining excellent normal force. This connector features balanced differential pairs arranged in a column for zero skew and an optimized footprint for minimal impedance discontinuity and crosstalk. Samtec Microelectronics and Teraspeed® Consulting, A Division of Samtec, will demo ExaMAX® in booth 1048 during the show.


Samtec’s FireFly™ Micro Flyover System is the first future-proof interconnect system that gives designers a choice of using either optical or copper interconnects with the same micro footprint to meet today’s data rate requirements and the next generation. Data connections to 28+ Gbps bypass the board and other components therefore simplifying board layout design and enhancing signal integrity. A demo of FireFly™ will be available at Samtec’s booth during the show.


SEARAY™ open pin field, high speed arrays offer ultimate design flexibility that is unmatched in the connector industry and is one of Samtec’s feature products at DesignCon 2015. SEARAY™ products allow for performance up to 28 Gbps with maximum grounding/routing flexibility and up to 500 rugged Edge Rate™ contacts. SEARAY™ offers a wide variety of design options including choice of pitch, stack height, and orientation, as well as high speed cable assemblies.


About DesignCon

DesignCon, produced by UBM Tech, is the world's premier conference for chip, board and systems design engineers in the high-speed communications and semiconductor communities. DesignCon, created by engineers for engineers, takes place annually in Silicon Valley and remains the largest gathering of chip, board and systems designers in the country.  This four-day technical conference and expo combines technical paper sessions, tutorials, industry panels, product demos and exhibits from the industry's leading experts and solutions providers. More information is available at:



Visit Samtec at Booth 943 or for more information on Samtec’s signal integrity capabilities.



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