PowerUpPlugIns.com enters the MEP market with PowerSpool for AutoCAD® MEP
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PowerUpPlugIns.com enters the MEP market with PowerSpool for AutoCAD® MEP

Initial plug-in offering provides a powerful, flexible and affordable solution that addresses a long-established need for a seamless environment and more efficient workflow.

March 25th, 2015 – PowerUpPlugIns.com, a new entity with a mission to develop plug-in solutions that dramatically improve current workflows, announces the immediate availability of PowerSpoolPowerSpool makes it possible to dramatically improve and simplify the workflow that includes spooling, annotating, dimensioning and scheduling MEP designs. Supporting both AutoCAD® MEP 2015 & 2016, PowerSpool can be downloaded directly from powerupplugins.com at a cost of $995 per license. You can be using the application within a matter of minutes, realizing a very rapid ROI.

PowerSpool operates seamlessly within the AutoCAD®MEP environment, and lets you automate many of the tasks that are currently extremely tedious and time consuming.  With one click, you can unclutter your model by isolating the system(s) you need. There are options to automatically increment spools, color assignments, place dimensions and tags, and generate schedules.  Just the automation of dimensioning and annotation will save hours on each project.

PowerSpool will save time and money while supporting a workflow that lets you work the way you want…today.

PowerUpPlugIns.com represents the culmination of more than 25 years of software development in both the Commercial and Industrial MEP arena. More importantly, it represents our commitment to help an industry that needs alternatives to what has become accepted practice.

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