Verus Art Announces First Museum Collaboration with the National Gallery of Canada
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Verus Art Announces First Museum Collaboration with the National Gallery of Canada

Van Gogh's Iris To Be The First Masterpiece Re-Created

ATLANTA, Dec. 3, 2015 — (PRNewswire) —  Verus Art, creator of the art world's first open commercial program for 3D scanned and elevated printed painting re-creations, has announced today they have signed their first museum collaboration agreement with the National Gallery of Canada. Verus Art will re-create and market a series of masterpieces from the National Gallery of Canada's highly regarded collection, using a new proprietary technology that accurately reproduces the color, texture and relief of the artist's brushstrokes.

The National Gallery of Canada, one of the most widely respected art institutions in the world, housing a collection of more than 65,000 works of art, will work directly with the Verus Art team to digitize a select group of paintings.  These 3D scans will be used for printed re-creations as well as utilized in digital programs for museum outreach and conservation.  Vincent Van Gogh's Iris will be the first to be re-created, followed by Monet's La Mer Agitee.  Verus Art will produce and market a world-wide edition of 950 re-creations of the Van Gogh masterpiece.

Verus Art and their partners provide re-creations of masterpieces through an innovative 3D scanning process, created by Arius Technology, that is capable of precise capture of color and geometry, and a proprietary elevated color printing process created by Oce, A Canon Company.  Each re-creation will be complemented with a historically-representative, custom, water-gilded, hand-finished frame from Larson-Juhl.

"The team at the National Gallery of Canada is so passionate about their collection and opportunities to engage with the public, it was imperative they become the first Verus Art museum partner," said Paul Noble, Vice President, Business Development at Larson-Juhl. "We are excited about the future as we believe Verus Art will help people live with art in a more significant way.  As an example, the visually impaired will now be able to see, through touch, the actual brushwork of the great Masters."

The high fidelity Verus Art re-creations will enable patrons, art enthusiasts and students to experience the visual and tactile sensation of an artist's original brushwork.  This will augment the National Gallery of Canada's mandate to make their collection more accessible to the public and to enhance existing educational programs.

"Simply put, these prints are the most information-rich reproductions of artworks ever made, and that takes them to a whole new level. They evoke the real thing in a way that will allow people to have meaningful relationships with them. They are not just pretty pictures," says Stephen Gritt, Director, Conservation and Technical Research at the National Gallery of Canada. "For a National Gallery, we are forward-looking and progressive, and all about the art. This project is another dimension of this, and in line with our mission; and puts technology in the service of art and people."

Framed re-creations by Verus Art range from $1,000 to $8,000 depending on the artwork and size of the edition, and will be available at as of December 14, 2015.


Larson-Juhl, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is the largest frame manufacturer and conservation business in the world with roots dating back to 1893 and the Pacific Picture Frame company in Seattle USA. The company currently operates 61 facilities in 16 countries worldwide.


Founded in 1877, Oce is a global leader in digital printing and imaging that joined forces with Canon on its mission to invent, create and accelerate global digital technologies and connect them to local products and services.


A leader in laser-based optical scanning systems for 3D digitization of physical objects used in documentation, inspection, reverse engineering and 3D printing, Arius Technology has developed the only 3D scanning system using direct laser color measurement to quantify and collect points containing both geometry and color.

The National Gallery of Canada is home to the most important collections of historical and contemporary Canadian art. The Gallery also maintains Canada's premier collection of European Art from the 14th to the 21st century, as well as important works of American, Asian and Indigenous Art and renowned international collections of prints, drawings and photographs. Created in 1880, the National Gallery of Canada has played a key role in Canadian culture for well over a century. Among its principal missions is to increase access to excellent works of art for all Canadians. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @gallerydotca.


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