See through the hype of Industrie 4.0 and IoT at the PLMIG Cologne Workshop
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See through the hype of Industrie 4.0 and IoT at the PLMIG Cologne Workshop

Oxford, England. January 23, 2017 -- Industrie 4.0 and the Internet of Things are being extensively hyped, but they are still a real part of the future.  They could be an opportunity to extend the reach of PLM; or a threat that will divert attention away from PLM with glossy and unfulfilled promises.

PLM practitioners need a clear, practical working framework in order to set a strategy for PLM over the next 5 years. The PLMIG Workshop in Cologne gives you the chance to create this.

The workshop will be hosted in the heart of the city by Detecon, who will also provide a keynote presentation to outline the new possibilities. This will set the scene for an entirely open and neutral event, and will cover views from the whole PLM spectrum.

The key to producing the deliverables is the structured Agenda, which follows the successful PLMIG format that has resolved many of the most difficult questions of PLM. The results of the Workshop will be published to the participants as deliverables within two weeks of the event.

This is the only event that is staged specifically to provide PLM-IoT answers, and to fix the subject so that PLM managers know exactly which direction to take - and how to convince their colleagues to go with them.

More details and a Registration Form can be found on the PLMIG web site or via Email Contact.

About the PLM Interest Group
The PLM Interest Group is the leading neutral body for PLM. During the past decade the PLMIG has run a wide range of workshops to successfully resolve some of the most intractable issues in PLM.

About Detecon
Detecon International is one of the world’s leading management consulting companies with particular strengths in digital technologies and networks, with transformation experience of more than 20,000 successful projects in Germany and abroad.

For more information, please contact:
Roger Tempest

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