Speed versus Throughput: How to Gain Productivity in Scanning
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Speed versus Throughput: How to Gain Productivity in Scanning

Questions to Ask When Evaluating Your Next Wide Format Scanner

March 21, 2018 - In today’s competitive environment, many equipment manufacturers love to compare competitors’ technical and mechanical specifications. While these specifications are always impressive, they do not measure the true productivity of a device or system. 

Many factors can impact the productivity of large format scanning, and machine speed is only a small part of it. Here are some factors that can turn the fastest mechanical device into the least productive device.

Operator efficiency:

Scanner connection:

Computer hardware:
Scanner software
Scanner hardware:

These are some of the more important considerations when comparing large format scanners, especially if the scanner is for production scanning or copying. 

If there is ever any doubt, conduct side-by-side evaluations from any of the manufacturers you are considering. 


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