Graitec announces the launch of its new Graitec Advance Suite 2020
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Graitec announces the launch of its new Graitec Advance Suite 2020

June 2019 – GRAITEC, an international BIM, Simulation, Fabrication and Data Management software developer for the AEC industry, and Autodesk® Platinum Partner across Europe, with new locations in Spain and Portugal joining the group in 2019, adding to our additional locations across the US, Canada and Russia, continues its expansion worldwide and is delighted to announce the launch of the  Graitec Advance 2020 suite, providing unrivaled modeling, design & detailing software solutions to the AEC and Fabrication markets.

Graitec Advance offers a set of software extending the life of Autodesk BIM models through the whole workflow, Graitec products are split into 4 sections, to help our customers perform initial concept to fabrication:

With 100 000+ customers around the world, Graitec has continuously strived to provide best in class advancements for innovative software solutions. Graitec Advance 2020 is a major step forward with hundreds of new features on different domains, proving this suite is top of its game for assuring the continuity of the digital information through BIM workflows and providing efficient simulation and fabrication solutions to top-level Construction, Architecture, Engineering and Building Design companies worldwide.

Advance Design

Mature and easy to use 3D FEM BIM Structural analysis solution dedicated to structural engineers operating in a BIM environment. It fully designs any type of structure, with any kind of loads, mixing concrete, timber and steel members. It includes major code standards (Eurocodes / North American).

BIM Integration: Advance Design has a deep integration with Autodesk Revit® and Autodesk Advance Steel® with the possibility to import/export/synchronize any 3D geometry. With the release 2020, it’s also possible to store seismic forces and theoretical reinforcement values in Revit®.

Enhanced numerical capabilities: new RITZ method for modal analysis x10 faster, time history analysis with accelerograms, automatic number of eigen modes, full body deformations, ...


Best in class 3D Climatic generator compliant with EN1991-1-4 & ASCE 7-10, usable of any kind of opened structures: trusses, pipe-racks, petrochemical structures, transmission towers, L shapes buildings.

Advanced Steel Design functionalities: graphical definition of constraints for Lateral Torsional Buckling checks, steel optimization based on different criteria’s (weight, height of the section, inertia...), 7 Dof advanced stability solver for any kind of steel sections, new HSS bracing steel connection.


Embedded Shear Walls design: able to design single or groups of shear walls including seismic forces and all constructive rebar dispositions.

Graitec BIM Designers 2020

The GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers includes a wide range of apps for structural processes that introduce a high degree of design-driven modeling and documentation automation across multiple structural workflows. Those apps are able to run on multiple platforms which include Advance Design, Autodesk Advance Steel® and Autodesk Revit® enabling flexible progressive adoption of intelligent structural BIM workflows.


Graitec BIM Designers – Concrete Series:

 Graitec BIM Designers – Steel Series

Advance Powerpack

The GRAITEC PowerPack provides a broad suite of unique commands and functionality to significantly increase productivity when working with Autodesk Revit® or Autodesk Advance Steel®. These practical, every-day utilities focus on speeding up modeling, simplifying family management, predefining annotations and enhanced external data-links for a dramatically improved BIM workflow.

PowerPack for Autodesk Revit®:


Advance Workshop

GRAITEC Advance Workshop is a purpose-built, easy-to-use Steel Fabrication Management Information System (MIS) designed to give steel fabricators complete control over every stage of production. Manage stock, traceability, labour and CNC processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs - ultimately optimizing your total business performance.

The Graitec Advance suite also enhances a new version of Advance Workshop, the must have MIS solution for Steel Fabricators, especially those involved in BIM workflows, with a brand new CAD pre-processor:


Graitec Opentree - Cabinet


EDM Solution for Contractors, Architects and Engineers delivering a world-class WIP document management system, priding ourselves on unparalleled service and support.

Graitec purchased Opentree in 2019, and continues its development, adding the international BIM Standard ISO19650 workflows. Customers use Cabinet to manage their W.I.P (work in progress) data management from the start of a project to the release of data to a CDE (common data environment) such as Autodesk BIM360.

All those new tools are applicable to a large variety of projects, covering all the AEC and Fabrication markets.

This is just a brief outline of the new release; further detailed information can be found here:

Our Product specific web pages available from here.

The release 2020 can be downloaded from here.

Joseph PAIS, Graitec Product Director comments: “The release 2020 of Advance Design is a major one with hundreds of improvements in different areas such as BIM integration, FEM capabilities, Concrete & Steel design and Fabrication process enhancements. Thanks to those improvements, Advance Design 2020 position itself as being the right tool for professionals who want to combine the power and the efficiency of proven simulation and fabrication solutions and BIM Connected workflows”.

Manuel LIEDOT, Graitec CEO adds: “For over 30 years Graitec has continually helped construction and manufacturing professionals digitize and connect their processes to maximize investment return from software technologies. Graitec Advance 2020 is a major step forward in helping our users to DESIGN – SIMULATE – FABRICATE and MANAGE their data in this new BIM world.


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