MixComm Announces Breakthrough 5G 28GHz Beamforming "SUMMIT 2629TM" Front End IC on GLOBALFOUNDRIES Enhanced 45RFSOI Solution
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MixComm Announces Breakthrough 5G 28GHz Beamforming "SUMMIT 2629TM" Front End IC on GLOBALFOUNDRIES Enhanced 45RFSOI Solution

MixComm's Novel Architecture with GLOBALFOUNDRIES' mmWave Features Delivers the Ideal Combination of Output Power, Energy Efficiency and Integration

CHATHAM, N.J., March 16, 2020 — (PRNewswire) —

CHATHAM, N.J., March 16, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ --  MixComm today announced its first production device, the SUMMIT 2629. The New Jersey-based start-up's technology is based upon breakthroughs developed at Columbia University CoSMIC lab led by Dr. Harish Krishnaswamy. The SUMMIT 2629 integrates novel power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, T/R switching, beamformers, calibration, gain control, beam table memory, temperature and power telemetry, and high-speed SPI control for a front-end module with optimal partitioning for 5G infrastructure. The device is fabricated on GLOBALFOUNDRIES® (GF®) 45RFSOI which has inherent advantages over other semiconductor technologies for infrastructure applications. The SUMMIT 2629 operates from 26.5-29.5GHz and is the first of a family of MixComm mmWave devices.

MixComm SUMMIT 2629 Product Highlights:

  • Industry leading efficiency more than 2X better than existing solutions
  • Four-element Dual-pol. TX/RX with Independent Polarization Beam Directions
  • High-Power, High-Efficiency SOI CMOS Power Amplifiers
  • State-of-the-art Low-Noise Amplifiers and Low-Loss T/R Switching
  • Ultra-low Transmit and Receive-Mode Power Consumption
  • 6-bit full-360o Phase Shifting and 0.5dB-step 16dB-range Variable Gain in Each Path
  • Fully calibrated for Gain/Phase Matching Across ICs
  • Extensive On-chip Temperature and Power Sensing
  • On-chip Gain Control for Temperature Compensation
  • High-Speed SPI with Large On-Chip Beam Table Storage
  • Wafer-Level Chip-Scale Package (WLCSP) compatible with low-cost PCB manufacturing
  • Support for Large-Scale Arrays through Multiple Chip-Addressing Modes

"Over the next couple of years, we will start to see the true proliferation of mmWave 5G, but for this to be successful, a leap forward is required in the hardware technology. The SUMMIT 2629 provides this leap forward in the 28GHz band," said Dr. Harish Krishnaswamy, MixComm Co-Founder and CTO, adding, "Over the next several quarters, MixComm will be announcing several more products which will continue to march forward in performance, features and cost."

SUMMIT 2629 has been designed to address the critical challenges that currently constrain 5G mmWave success, by
1) Extending range to decrease carrier cost and improve customer satisfaction,
2) Reducing thermal and electrical power consumption budgets, and
3) Optimizing antenna arrays to reduce module cost.

These benefits make the MixComm solution ideal for 5G infrastructure ranging from gNodeB base stations and repeaters to customer premise equipment. The flexible architecture and ultra-low power operation will also enable 5G hotspots and other user equipment demanding long battery life and sleek form factors.

The MixComm team has worked with RFSOI process technologies for more than a decade. This experience is a key reason MixComm chose to work closely with the RFSOI leader, GF. 45RFSOI is a 45nm, partially-depleted SOI technology co-developed with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to accelerate mmWave innovation and enable commercially-viable applications.     It is in high volume production at multiple GF fabs since 2008. RF-centric enhancements in device and technology features to this baseline platform, such as thick copper and dielectric back-end-of-line features along with GF's design enablement delivers world-class performance in LNAs, switches and power amplifiers to its clients. These features make GF's 45RFSOI the ideal solution to handle the demanding performance and integration requirements of 5G mmWave applications.

"Working together, GLOBALFOUNDRIES and MixComm are partnering to push the envelope on integrated RF front-end innovation and accelerate the path to a 5G-connected world," said Bami Bastani, senior vice president and general manager of Mobile and Wireless Infrastructure at GLOBALFOUNDRIES. "Built on GLOBALFOUNDRIES' industry-leading 45RFSOI technology, MixComm's SUMMIT 2629 delivers an RF/mmWave solution that is positioned to support emerging 5G cellular communications infrastructure."

"No other company has as much mmWave and RFSOI design and product experience as MixComm," said Mike Noonen, MixComm CEO. "SUMMIT's breakthrough performance and features are a result of that head-start and our deep partnership with GLOBALFOUNDRIES."

The SUMMIT 2629 will be available for sample in Q2, 2020.

About MixComm Inc.
MixComm, based in Chatham, N.J., is a fabless semiconductor company developing transformative solutions for emerging wireless applications and markets. MixComm was co-founded in 2017 by Dr. Harish Krishnaswamy of Columbia University's Engineering School and Frank Lane, formerly Senior Director at Flarion Technologies and Vice-President of Technology for Qualcomm. The company's technology is based on breakthroughs from Dr. Krishnaswamy's CoSMIC lab at Columbia University and is funded by Kairos Ventures. The founding team has a proven track record in RFIC research and development and in commercializing cutting-edge RF silicon at both startup and large semiconductor companies.

For more information, visit mixcomm-inc.com or email Email Contact.

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