GiDEL ships PROCStar II™ development system featuring industry's largest & fastest FPGA.
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GiDEL ships PROCStar II™ development system featuring industry's largest & fastest FPGA.

Santa Clara, CA - June 12, 2006 -GiDEL announced the availability of the PROCStar™ II development system for rapid ASIC and SoC prototyping, research and high-density applications. The PROCStar II system gives designers a high capacity, high-speed, dynamically reconfigurable FPGA-based design platform for applications such as digital signal processing (DSP), machine vision, video processing, as well as aerospace, and military systems.

"Delivering development systems with Altera's industry-leading FPGAs gives customers a best-in-class development platform for highly advanced designs," said Reuven Weintraub, president and CTO of GiDEL. "The introduction of the PROCStar II™180 combined with our tools is yet another important milestone in the company's growth, as partners and customers increasingly look to GiDEL for leading chip and system rapid development platform solutions."

The PROCStar II™ system combined with GiDEL's PROC Developer's Tools such as, PROCWizard™, PROCMultiPort™ and PSDB_Proto™, offer significant time-to-market advantages by eliminating the need for board design, development of PCI application drivers, board constraints and generic FPGA code. This enables designers to focus on their proprietary value-added design, as opposed to spending their time re-creating standard design components.

PROCStar™ is shipped with a variety of options, featuring up to 4 Stratix II EP2S60, Stratix II EP2S130 and EP2S180 devices. The PROCStar II™ development system also includes up to 4.5GBs of on board memory (capable of achieving a sustained access rate of 15GB/sec), a TI DSP processor daughter board as well as a variety of add-on-boards for memory expansion, digital video I/O, networking, serial I/Os, mixed signals and more.

The PROCStar™ Board

The development boards can be connected to a PCI bus for easy hardware or software development, or used as stand-alone. The double data rate II (DDR2) memory structure, combined with the unique GiDEL MultiPort™ controller enables new design methodologies that simplify achieving maximum system performance. The PROCStar II™ system's short traces ensure system speeds of up to 300MHz.

GiDEL's PROCStar™ development system gives designers an enormous amount of flexibility and resources for cutting-edge system development. The combination of Stratix II devices with GiDEL's advanced board architecture and development tools meets the requirements of almost any designer.

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