1Spatial supports OGC event in Potsdam, Germany
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1Spatial supports OGC event in Potsdam, Germany

May 29, 2008 -- 1Spatial is pleased to announce their support for the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Technical Committee Meeting in Potsdam, Germany, from 2nd to 6th June.

The OGC is the geospatial industry standards body and 1Spatial has been involved with them for over 10 years and currently chairs the OGC Technical Committee's Spatial Data Quality Working Group (WG), one of a number of working groups under the Technical Committee.

The OGC Technical Committee is comprised of technical representatives from the OGC member organisations and is responsible for all aspects of the formal consensus OGC specification process. It operates through a number of working groups and sub-committees and provides an open forum for professional discussion on issues and items that relate to the development, approval and/or evaluation of specifications that provide the ability to build and deploy interoperable geospatial solutions in the larger IT domain.

Monday 2nd June will see 1Spatial’s Chris Evans introduce research that is currently being undertaken to help determine the quality, and fix errors, of 3D data, at the meeting of the 3D Special Interest Group.

The Interoperability Days on 3rd and 4th June are open to the public and will provide attendees with an introduction to the value of open standards and their potential to open new market segments. Participants in current projects will describe their use of OGC standards and talk about their experience in using OGC as a communication platform to advance European research and development. Delegates can hear a European perspective on geospatial requirements and opportunities, as well as listening to representatives from German government agencies and local authorities talking about their experiences in deploying OGC standards and the benefits of OGC Membership.

On Thursday 5th June, Seb Lessware from 1Spatial will be chairing the Data Quality Working Group meeting, where Aston University will give a presentation on UncertML, an XML schema for describing uncertain information. There will also be discussions about working with the EuroGeographics Expert Group on Quality to assist with building up user cases and help to refine what the problems are and look at ways to build standards which could solve those problems.

A full agenda of the week’s events, including the interoperability days, and further information about the Technical Committee, can be found on the OGC website:

Steven Ramage, Business Development Director for 1Spatial, said:

“1Spatial has been active in the OGC for over 10 years and we are pleased to see it growing every year. It plays an important role in the development of the worldwide geospatial industry and we are proud to be associated with this standards-based activity. We are also very pleased to be supporting this event in Potsdam since 1Spatial is working closely with a large, and growing, number of the German Länder from the AdV.”

The OGC supported the recent 1Spatial Conference, from 30th April to 1st May, with a presentation on the work of the OGC Data Quality Working Group. The presentation is now available to download for free from the 1Spatial website, along with other presentations from the event including those made by the European Commission Joint Research Centre, EuroGeographics, Intermap and PSMA. Please visit: http://www.1spatial.com/conference/signup.php

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