Okino Ships SolidWorks 2009 Conversion System
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Okino Ships SolidWorks 2009 Conversion System

Toronto, Canada - February 9, 2009 – Coinciding with the “SolidWorks World 2009” conference in Orlando Florida, Okino Computer Graphics announced today that its very popular SolidWorks CAD conversion system has been updated for SolidWorks 2009 and is now available to current customers still within their valid maintenance period. The conversion pipeline, a de facto industry standard for the last 12+ years, allows native SolidWorks BREP CAD assembly, part and presentation files (disk based, or from a live running copy of SolidWorks) to be converted to all major animation + authoring packages, 3D downstream file formats and VisSim programs. Okino is one of the longest standing SolidWorks solution partner developers, providing excellent and well refined 3D data translation solutions for SolidWorks users and users of SolidWorks data. Simply put, our SolidWorks conversion system is our most popular and robust CAD conversion solution amongst our user base of tens of thousands of enterprise + 3D professional companies – it just works!
Okino's NuGraf and PolyTrans software imports crack-free geometry, hierarchy and materials (assembly data) from native disk-based SolidWorks files or from a running copy of SolidWorks, and subsequently provide high-end rendering, viewing and scene composition of the data, or have the data optimized and then pipelined into all major 3D file formats, animation packages and third party/OEM integrations. Most importantly, SolidWorks assemblies, parts and presentations can be effortlessly and directly imported into all key animation systems such as 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage|XSI, Cinema-4D and Lightwave, as well as any third party product which integrates Okino's PolyTrans 3D converters ( such as  noted below) and all major downstream file formats ranging from COLLADA to DWF-3D to  SketchUp and dozens more.
Okino has built its reputation on being an open and accessible company, developing and selling software that is needed in mission + production critical environments. For those who have never heard of Okino, or of our SolidWorks conversion solution, the following is some key background information and facts:


“Our SolidWorks 3D data conversion system is by far our most popular and requested CAD conversion pipeline software,” said Robert Lansdale, president and CEO of Okino Computer Graphics, Inc. “We have dedicated a great deal of effort into making our SolidWorks 3D import conversion, repurposing and rendering pipeline the best in the industry over the last 12+ years. We have seen demand grow quickly since the original release of SolidWorks, demonstrating that SolidWorks is the dominant solid modeler for its price range and market. Our pipeline solution allows complete SolidWorks parts and assemblies to be converted cleanly and professionally to all other major 3D file formats, animation packages and visual simulation programs. It also allows all disparate departments of large enterprise companies (such as engineering, design, marketing and support) to easily exchange product data without the need to rebuild their CAD datasets -- downstream uses include product documentation and manual creation, animation and rendering software, visual communication and review of data, and for accessing easier to manipulate versions of the original CAD datasets. In addition, our software implicitly provides support for photo-realistic rendering and scene composition, 3D data and hierarchy optimization and built-in polygon reduction for handling those truly huge scenes that other downstream applications can’t handle without reduction. Our solution is particularly popular for importing SolidWorks assemblies into the 3ds Max, Maya, Lightwave, XSI, Cinema-4D and SketchUp programs, amongst many other OEM and third party vendor integrations. We also have kept prices affordable for all of our CAD solutions, including free support and maintenance.”

“SolidWorks is the standard for 3D mechanical design software,” said Brian Houle, Partner Program manager for SolidWorks Corporation. “Combining it with Okino’s product line gives engineers the tools they need to do their jobs faster and better by allowing SolidWorks 3D data to be re-purposed for additional downstream uses and applications. Engineers and designers can now re-purpose 3D data to suit their enterprise, including animation and rendering departments, documentation teams, product manual creation staff, and external third party services who want to use SolidWorks data in other 3D software applications that may not understand or accept SolidWorks data directly.”

Applicable WEB pages

The following are pertinent pages on the Okino WEB site relating to this press release:

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http://www.okino.com/conv/imp_sw.htm            = SolidWorks import module overview
http://www.okino.com/nrs/nrs.htm                    = Okino NuGraf home page
http://www.okino.com/conv/conv.htm                = Okino PolyTrans home page
http://www.okino.com/proe.htn                    = Pro/Engineer CAD import solution page
http://www.okino.com/solutions/autodesk_inventor.htm  = Autodesk Inventor CAD import solution page
http://www.okino.com/imp_se.htm                 = Solid Edge CAD import solution page (new ‘synchronous’ support)

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