Aptina’s Ultra-Small Imaging VGA SOC is Big on Quality
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Aptina’s Ultra-Small Imaging VGA SOC is Big on Quality

SAN JOSE, Calif. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — August 10, 2009 Adding to its growing portfolio of CMOS imaging solutions, Aptina announced today the launch of the MT9V114 VGA image sensor. The complete camera system-on-chip (SOC) is an image sensor designed for cost-sensitive mobile phone, notebook and netbook computer and gaming and video conferencing applications demanding low z-height and low-light sensitivity. The MT9V114 incorporates the latest performance advances of Aptina’s marketing-leading 1.75-micron pixel architecture and manufacturing process to enhance low-light sensitivity, resulting in a 1/13” VGA low-end SOC sensor with overall performance comparable with Aptina’s industry leading MT9V113 1/11” VGA sensor with a 2.2-micron pixel. Where small form factor is a key design concern, the new sensor enables OEM and ODMs to design ultra-small sub-3mm height camera modules for mobile phone primary camera or video conferencing applications, or for the new generation of compact notebook and netbook computers. The new ultra-small SOC is able to do this without compromising the image quality and has low-light sensitivity only previously achieved with larger format SOC image sensors. The MT9V114 is available in die and Chip Scale Package (CSP) which enables ease of camera module assembly during the manufacturing process. The new SOC provides video capability for both PC/notebook and mobile video conferencing applications running at 30 fps in VGA mode.

“The MT9V114 was developed to meet the performance, small form factor and cost requirements of integrators and designers implementing advanced solutions for their image and video capturing needs,” says Farshid Sabet, General Manager of the Mobile Business Unit at Aptina. “This solution brings tremendous value to those customers wishing to design a camera into smaller platforms that have historically excluded a camera due to costs associated with performance or image quality.”

High Quality, Low Cost

The MT9V114 provides mobile phone manufacturers with the highest performing small VGA in its class. With a large number of handsets still being manufactured without a camera, the SOC image sensor provides an excellent option for handset manufacturers looking to do so without a significant bill of materials (BOM) adder. Additionally, the new SOC is optimized for low-light, and is a compact (sub-3mm, low z-height) imaging solution that enables modules to be designed into a variety of two-camera applications such as video conferencing.

Cameras in notebook and netbook computers, PC and backlit monitors as well as other devices are at the forefront of a new generation of applications dependent upon low z-height, lower-priced, higher performing image sensor solutions. This demand is also seen in mobile gaming where small, handheld devices using one or more integrated cameras have stringent form factor requirements.

“The MT9V114 is a great addition to our VGA portfolio of products," says Sabet. “We look forward to the ongoing success our VGA products have had in securing handset, notebook and handheld game console design wins and anticipate seeing them in emerging applications in the near future.”

The MT9V114 is sampling in die this quarter, and CSP in Q4. Production is in Q1 2010.

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