Contex Announces Innovative Service and Support Program that Enables Servicing Dealers and Distributors to Control Costs and Minimize Risks
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Contex Announces Innovative Service and Support Program that Enables Servicing Dealers and Distributors to Control Costs and Minimize Risks

Alleroed, Denmark—November 03, 2009 — Contex, the world-leading developer of wide format scanning and imaging solutions, today announced an innovative service and support program for servicing dealers and distributors. This Spare Parts Extended Warranty Program enables service providers to control costs, minimize risk and generate revenue without increasing the cost of doing business. Contex expects that this program will attract more dealers and distributors to become servicing partners and that Contex customers will benefit through more timely onsite repair at competitive prices.

How does the Contex Spare Parts Extended Warranty work?
For a one-time fixed price paid in advance, Contex will replace any part that might fail in a specific scanner for a predefined time period. (Consumables such as glass, lamps, white background plates, filters and calibration sheets are not included.) With this warranty, the service provider simply adds his cost of labor and is able to make a more accurate estimate of the costs associated with service and repair on a particular scanner. This helps keep the end-user customer service contract prices down by helping the Contex service provider control costs.

Dan Bennett, Director of Service Operations for Contex says, “In developing this program, we considered the best way to support our servicing partners while also offering our end-user customers top-notch service. By offering the Spare Parts Extended Warranty Program, we support both our large and small distribution partners and can expand our service base. Small service partners benefit by knowing that no hidden surprises await them around the next corner when they decide to get into the service business. Our large service providers benefit by hedging against future and unknown spare parts price increases. It is a powerful risk management tool for both large and small service organizations”

In addition to the warranty service plan, the program provides tools, such as an ROI calculator, service plan template and end-user promotion material along with other materials to help new service providers get started easily. Any Contex dealer or distributor who is not currently authorized as a servicing partner can become authorized by participating in technical training.

About Contex

Contex is the world’s largest producer of large format imaging solutions, leading the market with constant innovation and technology development. Focused on providing the best image quality possible, Contex is the preferred supplier of scanning technology to the large format market. Contex’s scanning solutions are supported by advanced scan and copy software applications – giving customers a full range of solutions for image capturing. Sold in over 80 countries worldwide, Contex products are praised for their reliability, value and performance. For more information, please visit


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