Birdsall Services Group Selects Electronic Invoicing for Deltek(R) Vision From Central Consulting Group
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Birdsall Services Group Selects Electronic Invoicing for Deltek(R) Vision From Central Consulting Group

MINNEAPOLIS, and SEA GIRT, N.J., Nov. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Birdsall Services Group (BSG), Sea Girt, NJ, has announced its decision to streamline and automate its invoicing process through Electronic Invoicing for Deltek(R) Vision from Central Consulting Group (CCG), Minneapolis, MN.

With the complexities of tasks and variety of staff involved, invoicing for architectural, engineering and professional consulting services can become a bottleneck. BSG had two reasons to address this problem, according to Dianne Seymour, Director of MIS. "First, we have multiple locations, and the distribution of paperwork can be time-consuming. The collating of information alone can take us a full day."

"Second, we wanted to significantly decrease our receivables Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). We analyzed our entire invoicing and collection process. In order to get all of our invoices out by the first ten to fifteen days of each month, we have to speed up these processes."

Seymour continued, "We had been looking at other programs, but didn't feel that they provided significant enough time savings. CCG's Electronic Invoicing, however, seemed to be a very good fit for exactly what we're trying to do."

Seymour expects the project results to be significant. "We think it's reasonable that we will get at least a 20% decrease in days required to get the invoice out," she said, "and we expect that to lead directly to a decrease in our DSO."

"CCG implements Deltek(R) Vision for architectural and engineering firms all over the country," said Steve Stolz, CCG Partner. "Clients were successfully managing their projects using Vision, but when it came time to invoice, they struggled. We knew there had to be a better way, so we created Electronic Invoicing to streamline their internal invoicing process."

Seymour explained that part of their decision resulted from their initial conversations with CCG. "We were impressed with CCG's approach," she said. "They have been open to any constructive suggestions we make, and they really seem to be listening to us and hearing our needs."


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About Central Consulting Group

Central Consulting Group (CCG), a Deltek(R) Premier Business Partner since 2002, assists architectural, engineering and professional services firms in achieving superior outcomes through the implementation of Deltek's Vision software. CCG is the most experienced provider of services and products that optimize the Vision environment, including strategic planning, business process design, integration of disparate systems, specialized modules, custom development and advanced reporting solutions. Central Consulting Group is headquartered in Minneapolis with offices and consultants in locations nationwide. To learn more about CCG, visit

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