1Spatial helps PSMA Australia secure international Spatial Awards
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1Spatial helps PSMA Australia secure international Spatial Awards

November 19, 2009 -- PSMA Australia, one of 1Spatial’s largest Australian customers, were judged winners in the top two categories of Innovation & Commercialisation and Spatial Professional of the Year in the prestigious Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards (APSEA).

PSMA Australia won the Innovation & Commercialisation Award for their joint project with 1Spatial for technical advances in processing continental datasets. This project, utilising 1Spatial’s data integration and quality assurance platform Radius Studio, was deemed groundbreaking for both the international and domestic spatial communities. 

Dan Paull, Chief Executive Officer of PSMA Australia, was delighted with winning the Innovation & Commercialisation Award for this project.  “This award demonstrates how Australia is leading the spatial industry by being innovative and adopting new technologies to produce benefits domestically and internationally,” he commented.

Duncan Guthrie, Group Sales Director of 1Spatial, said this award was a significant achievement for both PSMA Australia and 1Spatial.  “We are thrilled that PSMA Australia, as one of our flagship Australian customers, has won the Innovation & Commercialisation Award for the implementation of Radius Studio.” he said. “ The winning of this award demonstrates how collaboration, and the strong business relationship between our two companies, produces great achievements.”

Mr Paull also won the Spatial Professional of the Year Award for the Asia-Pacific region.  This award is one of the highest given within the Spatial Industry and is well recognised internationally.  “I am honoured that I have been recognised by the industry with this award.  The finalists were of such a high calibre, that I am grateful to have even been considered for this award,” he said. 

Mr Paull has been actively participating in global and domestic spatial initiatives. He was invited by EuroGeographics, another key partner of 1Spatial, to present at the prestigious GSDI Conference in Rotterdam earlier this year, and has been a keen advocate of collaboration, internationally and domestically, to further continue the development of continental datasets.

“The work that PSMA Australia is achieving domestically and internationally, in the development of continental datasets, has been groundbreaking. We look forward to working with our key partners in Europe, Britain and throughout Australia, to continue leading the way in spatial innovation.”


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About PSMA

PSMA Australia is an unlisted public company, owned by the state, territory and federal governments of Australia. It was established as a company in 2001 to coordinate the assembly of, and facilitate access to, fundamental national spatial datasets. PSMA Australia’s Head Office is in Canberra, Australia and is dedicated to developing national datasets that contribute to the economic, social and environmental outcomes for Australia.  www.psma.com.au

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