Magnacad Launches Encompassed Design Engineering Solution entitled “JRIV
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Magnacad Launches Encompassed Design Engineering Solution entitled “JRIV

Commack, NY, December 7, 2009:   Magnacad Design Inc. a leading provider of CAD, CAE and PLM solutions has announced today the launch of their new encompassed design engineering solution bundle - JRIV.  Developed to fill many needs, JRIV can reduce time and overhead of manufacturing companies that require total design, engineering, and data management solutions.  JRIV addresses this need and surpasses it by incorporating the most productive solutions with the most cost-effectiveness.  And, in addition, provide technical abilities beyond any other solution currently on the market.

The components of JRIV were selected based on ease of use, advanced technology, and cost of ownership. “We have created a solution that has met these objectives and more.” says Tom Lehnhaeuser, president of MDI, and he adds, “We successfully created a bundled solution using IronCAD 3D design application as the core foundation upon which the other applications would integrate.”

The three primary applications powering JRIV are IronCAD™ from IronCAD, LLC, Element from Range Software, and DesignDataManager™ from CSI, Ltd.  These three formulate a single integrated solution for;

Also, additional modules can be implemented as needed for Cable and Wire Harness design and 3D PCB design.  MDI has provided additional features through the use of freeware and open-source applications all at no extra cost! “The free and open-source applications included obviously can be retrieved independently by users worldwide, hence the reason no costs were applied to the JRIV product.  “We took the liberty of doing the research and providing the ancillary applications with JRIV simply because it saves the customer time from this task themselves. Aside, we have created custom integrated toolbars and menus to use with these applications so as the installation and user experience is fully seamless to the end user.” states Tom.


Some Open-Source or Freeware integrated functions included are;


You can view a more comprehensive list at:


Notable Mention; Web Conferencing Feature

The most notable of these ancillary applications is a robust web conferencing and screen sharing application powered by Mikogo (BeamYourScreen GmBH) that can be initiated directly from IronCAD. Mikogo provides similar tools and functions found in other applications such as GoToMeeting and WebEx but is far easier to use and implement. It allows up to 10 attendees and has free conferencing calling. This is an ideal solution for IronCAD users that need to collaborate with a global design team or just confer with their vendor supply chain using IronCAD in real-time to demonstrate visually any potential issues with a project. Simply click a button from IronCAD and you start a collaborative web-session. Learn more about Mikogo by visiting their website at



JRIV provides a single product that provides most small to medium sized companies as well as self-employed sub-contractors a turnkey solution for the design and engineering aspect of the organization. It allows companies to design, document, analyze, and manage their products. In addition, provides comprehensive collaboration tools to make their design and engineering environment even more streamlined for companies with global locations or extended supply chains. All at an extremely low price point. JRIV is a fully scalable solution to address companies growing needs.


About JRIV

JRIV is a bundled software solution exclusively offered by Magnacad Design Inc. that integrates with IronCAD 3D solutions as its core foundation. It is an Encompassed Design Engineering Solution upon which small to medium sized organizations as well as self-employed sub-contractors can implement as a turnkey solution at a fraction of the cost to purchase and maintain.


About IronCAD, LLC

Based in Atlanta, GA, IronCAD is a leading provider of 3D Design Productivity Solutions that deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction and productivity. Solutions that can be used either standalone or as complimentary collaboration solutions of a broader PLM initiative. Its flagship product IronCAD has won many industry awards for its innovative technology and leads the industry in its ease of use and design productivity. IronCAD products are being used successfully by thousands of customers worldwide. Visit


About Range Software

Range Software is a project led by Tomáš Šoltys based in Prague, Czech Republic. Range Software’s main objective is to develop, maintain and support advanced, user-friendly and affordable software for finite element analysis of a wide range of engineering problems and physical phenomena.  Visit

About DesignDataManager

DesignDataManager (DDM) is an affordable data management solution without the high consulting and maintenance overheads associated with other PDM/PLM systems, giving control back to the customer by providing a generic, configurable and scalable solution. With integrated engineering change functionality and workflow DDM is a heterogeneous Multi-CAD solution, fully integrating into a number of mainstream 3D modeling. DDM also supports 2D Drafting solutions and most Windows document file formats such as Word, Excel & PDF. Visit

About BeamYourScreen

Founded in Germany in 2004, BeamYourScreen provides innovative web collaboration solutions. Customers of the global company enjoy significantly reduced travel time and travel expenses, and are comprised of small, medium and large global corporations including Toshiba, Yamaha, and Roche. BeamYourScreen serves over 1500 corporate customers in 40 countries worldwide. After establishing the need for a free online meeting tool, due to requests made primarily by private users, BeamYourScreen stepped up to meet the market demand and consequently launched Mikogo in 2007. Visit

About Magnacad Design Inc.

Magnacad Design Inc. is a Long Island based company with over 15-years history of providing product development services and engineering and manufacturing software solutions. Its customers have benefited extensively from our expertise, training, and support when choosing a CAD/CAE/PLM component solution.

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