Sanborn Charts New Course in Geospatial Services Using Isilon IQ
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Sanborn Charts New Course in Geospatial Services Using Isilon IQ

Geospatial Information Leader Deploys Isilon Scale-out NAS to Increase Image Processing Speeds by 533 Percent, Accelerating Project Turnaround and New Business Acquisition

SEATTLE, March 16 — (PRNewswire) — Isilon® Systems (Nasdaq: ISLN) today announced that Sanborn has deployed Isilon scale-out NAS to power the image processing workflow that is core to its photogrammetric mapping and geographic information system (GIS) services. Using the Isilon IQ S-Series, featuring its OneFS® operating system, Sanborn has unified its image processing operations onto a single, high performance, highly scalable, shared pool of storage, increasing image processing speeds by 533 percent. With Isilon scale-out NAS, Sanborn can now process 8,000-10,000 images per day, compared to less than 2,000 prior to using Isilon IQ, accelerating project turnaround times and increasing Sanborn's bandwidth to accommodate new business opportunities.

"At Sanborn, customer demand for our geospatial solutions can simply be described as 'more, better, faster,' with each new project raising the bar in terms of size, complexity and turnaround time," said Doyle Heisler, director of IT, Sanborn. "While great for business, this demand was too much for our previous NAS system, making it clear we needed a truly scalable solution. By deploying Isilon IQ, we've increased image processing speeds 5X, enabling us to complete projects in much less time and pursue new business opportunities that would have been impossible without Isilon."

Sanborn is a comprehensive, end-to-end geospatial solutions company providing geographic and location-based information through custom applications including systems integration, spatial analysis and modeling. Prior to deploying Isilon scale-out NAS, the performance and scalability demands of Sanborn's image processing workflow overwhelmed its traditional NAS system, limiting image processing performance and workflow productivity. With multiple planes each equipped with high-resolution cameras producing hundreds of thousands of images per year, Sanborn needed a high performance storage system that could accommodate increasing customer demand, while simultaneously reducing the unnecessary storage management and escalating costs of its previous NAS system.

Working with Isilon partner and leading storage systems integrator Datalink, Sanborn deployed the Isilon IQ S-Series to unify its image processing workflow onto a single storage resource capable of scaling performance and capacity on-demand to meet the unpredictable needs of its data-intensive operations. With Isilon scale-out NAS, Sanborn can complete more projects in less time, while reducing storage management to less than one full-time equivalent, driving increased operating leverage across its organization and enabling the company to accommodate previously unattainable levels of new business.

"Government and private sector demand for geospatial solutions is reaching new heights, creating exciting business opportunities for innovative companies like Sanborn, while also creating massive headaches for traditional SAN and NAS systems," said Sam Grocott, vice president of marketing, Isilon Systems. "By using Isilon scale-out NAS to drive unprecedented productivity gains in its business, Sanborn is demonstrating the dramatic benefits our solutions can deliver not just for the data center, but for the bottom line, as well."

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