TerraGo Technologies Demonstrates Innovative Geospatial Collaboration Solutions at the GEOINT 2010 Symposium
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TerraGo Technologies Demonstrates Innovative Geospatial Collaboration Solutions at the GEOINT 2010 Symposium

TerraGo Works with Partners to Highlight Advanced Geospatial Applications That Leverage GeoPDF Technology

ATLANTA — November 01, 2010 — TerraGo® Technologies, a leading provider of geospatial collaboration software solutions, will demonstrate innovative TerraGo GeoPDF® solutions for accessing, capturing, and sharing geospatial intelligence at the GEOINT 2010 Symposium in New Orleans, Nov. 2 – 4, in booth 363.

The TerraGo Innovation Lab will showcase how to move beyond simply publishing maps and imagery to deploying GeoPDF technology as a platform for advanced geospatial applications. TerraGo demonstrations will highlight joint solutions from Adobe®, BAE Systems, DigitalGlobe®, Esri® Hitachi®, Intergraph®, Northrop Grumman®, and others. The presentations will also include new partner software such as Esri ArcGIS® 10 and Adobe® Acrobat® X and Reader® X.

Five stations will feature unique scenarios that leverage TerraGo software and GeoPDF, including:

― Real-Time GEOINT for Enhanced Situational Awareness — Use TerraGo GeoPDF solutions to capture on-the-ground intelligence and share it with command. Technology featured: GeoPDF created from Northrop Grumman imagery, the Hitachi StarBoard® for command and control visualization, TerraGo Mobile™ on Trimble® hardware, and TerraGo Toolbar™ with Adobe software.

― Custom GeoPDF Intelligence Products for Battlespace Awareness — Browse geospatial assets online and create GeoPDF on the fly for field exploitation. Featured technology: GeoPDF created from Northrop Grumman imagery, Esri ArcGIS Server, TerraGo Publisher™, and TerraGo Mobile.

― 3D GeoPDF for Advanced Terrain Visualization — Present LiDAR and other sources of elevation data as georeferenced 3D intelligence products. Enable users to reference coordinates and elevation as well as measure distance. Featured technology: ESRI ArcGIS 10 and ArcScene™, TerraGo 3D Composer™, and TerraGo Toolbar with Adobe software.

― Just-in-Time Imagery Integrated with GeoPDF for Real-Time Intelligence — Update GeoPDF with the latest imagery via web map services (WMS) to deliver timely information in an integrated, spatially aware intelligence product. Featured technology: GeoPDF created from Northrop Grumman imagery, Esri ArcGIS Server, and TerraGo Toolbar with Adobe software.

― The Advantages of GeoPDF for Accessing, Capturing and Sharing GEOINT — Leverage GeoPDF to enable wide distribution of vital intelligence, personalization of geospatial products, and collaboration throughout the chain of command. Featured Technology: GeoPDF created from DigitalGlobe imagery, GeoPDF MapBook, and TerraGo Toolbar with Adobe software.

The TerraGo Innovation Lab will also feature the complete line of integrated TerraGo software suites for creating and exploiting geospatial PDF assets, including TerraGo Composer™ as well as TerraGo Publisher for partner applications such as Intergraph GeoMedia® and BAE SOCET GXP®.

Outside of the Innovation Lab, TerraGo will participate in the following demos with partners and other solution providers:

― BAE Systems (booth #323) will demonstrate creating GeoPDF imagery with SOCET GXP® and other solutions.

― DigitalGlobe (booth #557) will host pre-scheduled demonstrations with TerraGo and Trimble to showcase its Crisis Event Service. The presentations will include solutions that update GeoPDF with the most recent imagery via WMS.

― In-Q-Tel (booth #263) will host, from 1 to 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 3, a demonstration of TerraGo software and GeoPDF. In addition, Adapx will feature GeoPDF capabilities integrated with its Capturx™ software for importing and exploiting handwritten notes.

― NJVC® (booth # 375) will demonstrate TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS and GeoPDF with its deployable geospatial solutions.

― Northrop Grumman (booth #331) will show end-to-end solutions for field data collection that include creating GeoPDF intelligence products for exploitation in the field.

― Raytheon® BBN Technologies (booth #138) will use data collected by TerraGo Mobile on GeoPDF as part of its Geospatial Semantic Annotation Tool (gSAT) demo.

For more information and to schedule an appointment for a demonstration, visit www.terragotech.com/geoint.

About TerraGo Technologies

TerraGo Technologies delivers software applications that extend the access and application of maps and imagery for mobile field professionals who rely on geospatial information to do their jobs. Thousands of global organizations, including many defense and intelligence agencies, petroleum and utility companies, public safety departments, and environmental engineering teams, depend on TerraGo software. The TerraGo Publisher™ Suite allows organizations to consume and optimize data from any source and create GeoPDF® maps and imagery. The TerraGo Collaboration™ Suite offers desktop, Web-based and mobile software applications that automate geospatial collaboration and information gathering and sharing. When used in conjunction with TerraGo Composer™, customers are able to configure easy-to-use 2D and 3D maps, imagery, and digital GeoPDF MapBook products while embedding relevant business context, forms, and workflows. With a strong ecosystem of partners, including Adobe, BAE Systems, ESRI, ERDAS, Hitachi, Intergraph, and Trimble, millions of professionals use geospatial data that has been enabled by TerraGo in order to be more productive, improve quality, and make better decisions. For more information, visit www.terragotech.com.

TerraGo software creates GeoPDF maps and imagery that conform to the specifications published by the Open Geospatial Consortium as an OGC Best Practice and those published by Adobe as proposed geospatial extensions to ISO 32000.