DATE 2011 Exhibition is Back to Growth
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DATE 2011 Exhibition is Back to Growth

London, February 17, 2011 - The European economy is back to growth; during the downturn Europe’s microelectronics industry has further sharpened the profile of its leading clusters like Grenoble and Dresden.

Both of that will be clearly visible at DATE 2011 Conference and Exhibition from 14-18 March in Grenoble, France.

The DATE 2011 Exhibition looks set to be both vibrant and varied. Due to the extremely high demand an additional exhibition space has been created for the more than 70 expected exhibitors. Please click here to be directed to the companies' profiles:

Grenoble as key semiconductor site in Europe with more than 38,000 people working in world-class companies like STMicroelectronics and some 100 start-up companies will present its innovative power in numerous technical presentations, tutorials, panel discussions and user testimonials. The full program is available at:

One of the sessions not-to-be-missed will be the Mentor Graphics sponsored lunch session “From Research to Market” on March 15, 2011. Laurent Malier, CEO of LETI, Philippe Magarshack, Group Vice-President and General Manager at STMicroelectronics, and Eric Selosse, Vice President and General Manager at Mentor Graphics, will highlight the value of European Research to EDA and Semiconductors and speak about the benefits of close cooperation in the EU. "Europe is a world leading source of research in electronics and EDA.

At Mentor Graphics we have significant and ongoing investment in local European R&D and partnerships with leading institutions and companies. DATE provides a significant European forum for both discussion and collaboration," says Mentor Graphics’ Vice President and General Manager Eric Selosse.

DATE 2011 will also be the place where the leading European clusters Grenoble and Dresden will start to substantially extend their cooperation, including semiconductor technologies as well as design technologies. Silicon Saxony, the industry association located in the Dresden with nearly 300 companies in microelectronics and other related sectors, will be represented at DATE 2011 by the head of its Micro/Nanoelectronic devision, ZMDI’s Andeas Brüning, but also by exhibiting member companies like GLOBALFOUNDRIES.

The main exhibition will take place on the ground floor and adjacent to the main entrance and registration desks. It is easily accessible from the conference rooms and catering will take place in and around the exhibition hall. DATE also arranges a number of special events and features on the show floor like an evening reception and an exhibition theatre of industry themed presentations.

"As part of the exhibition floor DATE 2011 Exhibition Theatre offers a comprehensive program of more than twenty sessions open to all exhibition visitors, including hot topic sessions, embedded tutorials, panel discussions and testimonials," says Juergen Haase, Exhibition Program Chair of DATE 2011 and Managing Director of edacentrum. "This enables Exhibition visitors to benefit from top-level presentations and best practice of the leading companies without having to register for the conference."

In addition to the exhibition booths there is the European Research Projects/Clusters area which provides a showcase for their work and results, and the European EDA Village provides a focus for European EDA SMEs & Start ups. Also part of the exhibition is the University Booth showcasing demonstrations of more than 50 EDA tools and hardware prototypes, to be presented by research institutes from 15 different countries, showing the worldwide importance of DATE.

There is a dedicated area for each of the 4 key topics "System Level Design", "Hardware Design/Electronic Design Automation", "Robust Design and Yield" and "Working Silicon Hardware Prototypes and Applications".

The entrance to the exhibition and to all sessions in the Exhibition Theatre is free, for conference delegates as well as for exhibition visitors.

For further information please visit: http:///

Exhibitors at DATE 2011: (as of February 16, 2011)
Update and companies’ profiles available at

ACCELONIX, ADACSYS, ADICSYS, AgO Inc, ANSYS/Ansoft, ApS Brno Ltd., Codasip Division, Arteris, Inc., Asygn, Atrenta Inc., BLUE PEARL SOFTWARE, Chipright, CISC Semiconductor Design + Consulting GmbH, CMP, COCONUT EU project , Compaan Design BV, COMPLEX - COdesing and power Management in PLatform-based design space Exploration, Concept Engineering GmbH, Cortus S.A., CréVinn , CST - Computer Simulation Technology AG, DEFACTO TECHNOLOGIES, DELTA , Design Automation Conference (DAC), DOCEA Power, Duolog Technologies Ltd, EASii-IC, EDA Confidential, EDALab, edXact , ElectroniqueS, Enterprise Ireland, EUROPRACTICE, Fractal Technologies, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Gold Standard Simulations Ltd., HiPEAC NoE, INFINISCALE, IP SOC 11, MADNESS - Methods for predictAble Design of heterogeneous Embedded Systems with adaptivity and reliability Support, Magillem Design Services, MICROLOGIC Design Automation, Midas, MINALOGIC GRENOBLE ISERE, MOSIS, MunEDA,, nSilition, N. S. Mangat & Co., Presto Engineering, Inc., ProximusDA , R3LOGIC, SAME, Satin Technologies, SELEX Galileo, Silansys Semi, SPRINGER, Tanner EDA, Target Compiler Technologies, Tech Design Forum, The Next Silicon Valley, TinnoTek Inc., TowerJazz , TRAMS (Terascale Reliable Adaptive Memory Systems) EC FET-IST 248789, Tyndall’s Design Technology Evaluation Group, University Booth, University of Southampton, Veriest Venture, XYALIS, 2PARMA (PARallel PAradigms and Run-time MAnagement techniques for Many-core Architectures) FP7-ICT-248716.


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