ABACO launches DbMAP 3D new release
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ABACO launches DbMAP 3D new release

Mantova–27thh june 2011 -- Abaco announces DbMAP 3D new release, a suite of professional applications to design, create and publish geographic content, which can be visualized in 3D thorough the web.Abaco's achievements are the result of the great experiences both nationally and internationally. Specialized know-how supported by major research and professional development of technologies for the design, implementation and publication of Geographic Information Systems-rich 2D and 3D content integrated with the most advanced SDI - Spatial Data Infrastructure.DbMAP 3D is a powerful, complete, easy to use software suite that provides an “on-the-fly” visualization of various data sources: manifold textures (aerial and satellite imagery), vectorial data, 3D models and LiDAR data.

The suite comprises three main modules:DbMAP 3D Builder, DbMAP 3D Server and DbMAP 3D Flyer.DbMAP 3D Builder is a desktop application that easily and effectively allows building 3D dataset to be visualized with DbMAP 3D Flyer client.The construction of the 3D dataset is an easy and affordable because of the "Workflow" wizard, which guides step-by-step the operator during all the stages of processing

3D datasets built with DbMAP 3D Builder can use multiple digital elevation models (DEM), various terrain images (texture’s layer) and vector layers, available in the most common formats.

DbMAP 3D Flyer is a powerful 3D visualization client that allows to explore 3D datasets created and configured using DbMAP 3D Builder and distribute by DbMAP 3D Server on the Web.

DbMAP 3D Flyer benefits of the best 3D visualization techniques to provide an interactive and engaging experience, with simple and intuitive navigation, and with high performance for smooth movement and efficient data streaming.

DbMAP 3D Flyer reaches unsurpassed levels of detail of the terrain mesh, even on very extensive zones and it is able to show detailed buildings at urban scale, huge quantities of vector data, and other informative layer.

DbMAP 3D Server is a set of server component, is the gate needed by the client application DbMAP 3D Flyer, during navigation.

DbMAP 3D Server is able to efficiently combine various data sources "on-the-fly" (images, vector data, LiDAR clouds of points)

DbMAP 3D Server offers configuration and authoring tools for maximum control over data publishing and over selection of informative layers over distributed services.

DbMAP 3D Server is able to connect and use geo-spatial database with the most common formats (Oracle Spatial and Locator, PostgreSQL GIS, MySQL GIS, and also simple shapefiles), it supports the WMS standard (OGC), and is easily integrated with existing spatial data structures.

About Abaco

Today Abaco is one of the world’s leading companies dealing with the creation of Graphic Information Systems based on geospatial databases such as Oracle Database and Oracle Spatial, and compliant to OGC® standards (Open Geospatial Consortium) and ISO/TC 211 standards.

Abaco is a leader in the design and development of solutions: for AGRICULTURE, with SITI-Agri, the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) for the management of subsidies to farmers in matters of EU CAP (Common Agricultural Policy), whereas Abaco has the highest market share in the EU Member States and EU Candidate countries; for the CADASTRE, with SITI-Cadaster, a Land Management Information System framework to administrate and publish urban and rural cadastral data; for REAL-ESTATE, with SITI-Patri, a Real-Estate Information System framework for public and private companies having the need to manage real-estate or land assets (including tenants management); for SPATIAL, with the technologies to integrate, manage and visualize 2D and 3D information, thanks to the suite of products known as DbMAP.

Abaco is a Gold-level member of the Oracle ® PartnerNetwork; and ISO 9001:2008 certified.


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