IDT Accelerates Verification Schedule Using NextOp Assertion Synthesis
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IDT Accelerates Verification Schedule Using NextOp Assertion Synthesis

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 19, 2011 — (PRNewswire) — NextOp Software, Inc. today announced that IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT), has signed a multi-year, multi-license agreement for NextOp's BugScope assertion synthesis technology.  

BugScope automatically generate assertions and functional coverage properties to improve verification observability. IDT uses BugScope's properties to accelerate its verification schedule as follows:

"IDT is deploying BugScope to accelerate its functional verification for design and integration of IPs," said Alan Coady, Senior Director, Design Automation Group of IDT. "We have been able to integrate over 90% of BugScope's generated properties into our simulation flows."

"IDT is demonstrating its verification leadership by engaging its designers in an assertion-based verification flow," said Yunshan Zhu, President and CEO of NextOp Software. "We are pleased to see the rapid deployment of assertion synthesis technology across multiple projects within IDT."

About NextOp Software

NextOp Software, Inc. is focused on delivering assertion-based verification solutions that allow design and verification teams to uncover bugs, expose functional coverage holes, and increase verification observability. NextOp's BugScope assertion synthesis is the first product to automatically generate whitebox assertions and functional coverage properties in SVA, PSL and Verilog formats. BugScope's properties are used to drive progressive, targeted verification via robust, executable design specifications for existing simulation, formal and emulation flows. The company is headquartered at 2900 Gordon Avenue, Suite 100, Santa Clara, CA 95051. For more information, visit or call +1 408-830-9885. BugScope and NextOp are trademarks of NextOp Software, Inc.

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