On-Line Viewer allows you to view any 3D CAD data without installing any software
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On-Line Viewer allows you to view any 3D CAD data without installing any software

On-Line Viewer released


CAPVIDIA, a world leader in 3D engineering software, announces a new service On-Line Viewer, that allows users to view any 3D CAD data, without installing any software.  The service is accessible through CAPVIDIA website and it is free of charge. On-Line Viewer is designed to view 3D models in formats not supported by your own software.  With On-Line Viewer you can easily access any 3D model with associated meta data PMI, GD&T and more, from both native and neutral CAD data formats, such as CATIA V5, SIEMENS NX, UGS and Pro/Engineer including Creo 1.0. 


The On-Line Viewer has the same functions as ViewVidia visualisation and collaboration from Capvidia. It gives you the ability to rotate, zoom, pan, change rendering mode, add annotation, dimensions, construct dynamic cross-sections to your 3D models.  This innovative new service means that your model data structure is accessible through the project tree, giving direct access to each entity.

You can open either single parts or complex assemblies. The entities in the project tree are automatically linked with the 3D entities in the graphical window for easy identification and search when you want.

Users can change colours and transparency to simplify the model analysis.  Model surfaces can be coloured with individual shades for different types of surfaces like: NURBES, SOR, Plane, Cylinder, Sphere, or whatever your project requires. You can highlight points and vertexes for easy selection and use filters to select desirable parts of the model.
To make it even simpler, colour can also be one of the filter attributes. For detailed model investigations you can use dynamic cutting planes and cross-sections. The dimensioning function allows you to add dimensions and measuring the model. Global model dimensions are quickly available through the bounding box function. The bounding box can be applied to the whole model or just the model entities you select. 

You can also add text notes.  The link between the model entity and annotation label is automatically maintained if data is saved to the Capvidia OpenXML data format (*).  The print option allows to document the information displayed in the graphical window. You can control font type, letter size and line thickness for the best quality printed documentation. Through the mass properties option you can calculate model volume, area, mass (for user defined material density), center of mass and moments of inertia. 
ViewVidia offers an excellent communication and visualisation tool easy to access and work with for anyone in the organisation.  You can communicate most complex 3D models with your colleagues, management or clients, giving everyone unlimited access to the information. 

Capvidia CEO Tomasz Luniewski, says; “We developed On-Line ViewVidia to help engineers and others to view 3D CAD content without access to different CAD seats.  This is the fastest and most efficient way to understand what’s in your 3D CAD file once you’ve dealt with commercial requests or need to quote a job. We’re confident On-Line ViewVidia will solve your needs and present the Capvidia products and services to a broader market.”

The service is accessible through our website, so please visit us at www.capvidia.com

(*) All Capvidia applications share one common data structure based on  Open XML format.  Capvidia Open XML format allows storing the most complex 3D CAD data structures including full parametric 3D model representation (geometry and topology), semantic description (PMI), text annotation, triangulated representation, etc.  

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