CODY Citizens’ Crime Mapping: The Newest Trend in Public Safety Software Increases Citizen Awareness in PA
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CODY Citizens’ Crime Mapping: The Newest Trend in Public Safety Software Increases Citizen Awareness in PA

Berks County, PA District Attorney announces the live operation of CODY Systems’ Citizens’ Crime Mapping Module for in an effort to reduce crime and increase community policing efforts

POTTSTOWN, Pa. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — September 17, 2012 — The Berks County, PA District Attorney, John Adams, announced last week that citizens in the county will now have access to an interactive, online map detailing the crimes happening within the county, thanks to the new CODY Citizens’ Crime Mapping Module for ( powered by The Omega Group’s ( Visitors to the site can view interactive maps, generate reports for specific types of crimes, specific time periods, and much more. The goal of the crime mapping tool, Mr. Adams said, is to enhance local community policing efforts by increasing citizen awareness of crimes happening throughout the county.

Mr. Adams is hoping that with the implementation of this new tool on top of the existing system, citizens of Berks County will be more aware of the crimes happening around them and encourage the residents to inform police officers with tips to help solve crimes faster.

“This tool is designed to be the eyes and ears for our law enforcement,” Mr. Adams said.

Berks County purchased the CODY Citizens’ Crime Mapping Module as an add-on feature to the County-wide Information-Sharing System already in place for over 10 years in the county. synchronizes data from all connected RMS databases throughout Berks County within seconds of entry and already provides the C.tac 5 search app for law enforcement officers anywhere in the field to search county-wide for persons, vehicles, police activity and more. Now, with the Citizens’ Crime Mapping Module online, such information is also available through the Omega Group’s website, offering residents in all districts within Berks County the ability to see types and volumes of crimes happening not only in their backyards, but across the entire county. This is another example of how the platform can fuel virtually any tool(s) agencies wish to use to extend and inform the use of the data available through their county/region or state-wide information sharing networks.

“With the county-wide real-time records sharing and reporting that CODY’s system already provided our county, adding the CODY Citizens’ Crime Mapping module to was the next logical step,” said Lt. Todd Trupp, Head of the Berks County Chiefs of Police Technology Committee. “It also allowed our county to leverage the previous investment in the system to increase the efficiency of our government at minimal cost to the County.”

The purchase of the crime mapping tool was funded by District Attorney drug forfeiture funds and was purchased at no cost to the taxpayers in the county.

City officials and several law enforcement professionals attended the press conference last week when the announcement was made. Here is a link to the story which aired on WFMZ, Channel 69 News in Reading, PA. Website maps crimes in Berks County

To view a video and short tutorial of, please follow this link:


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