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Red Hen Systems to Exhibit Android GIS Technology, Methane Emissions Detection and Mapping Solution, Affordable Video Stabilizing Gimbal Mounts at GeoInt Symposium, Booth #5063

FORT COLLINS, CO--April 8, 2014--Red Hen Systems today announced it will reveal its new Android-compatible video mapping system to the VMS-333, Pipe-I methane emissions detection solution, and two affordable gimbal mounts at the GeoInt Symposium, hosted by the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation, April 14-17 in Tampa, Florida.

Mobile Applications Turn Your Android into a Control Center

"We've been working with the intelligence community since 1997," said Red Hen Systems President and Founder Neil Havermale. "Our latest field-tested VMS-333 turns your Android phone into a command center that is ready to go whenever and wherever you need it. Paired with a handheld or video camera, it provides unparalleled metadata that is mission-critical for a wide array of industries and applications." 

The new-generation geo-referencing devices, enabled by a modular design, simultaneously capture, integrate, and embed multiple channels of multimedia surveillance data viewable via an Android mobile device. It will be available to demo at Booth #5063.

VMS-333 is the Solution's HubRed Hen's video mapping system records valuable information the naked eye can't see, then shows it to you. The VMS-333 geo-tags video and encodes multiple types of data collected from handheld cameras, video cameras, advanced aerial patrol technologies, laser range finders, infrared cameras, GPS receivers, fugitive gas detectors, computers, Bluetooth apps, voice recorders and other devices. The results can then be viewed on ESRI or Google Earth in real time or any time. Applications for data collected with the VMS-333 include methane emissions detection, corridor patrol, ground imagery analysis and much more.

Pipe-I - A Methane Emissions Detection and Mapping System

Red Hen's Pipe-I is a customizable solution that detects fugitive methane gas, calculates its concentration, and embeds that information (along with the precise GPS location) in high-definition video of the corridor that can be viewed anytime, anywhere, on Google Earth. The benefit? Pipe-I enables fast and efficient patrols that accommodate a quick response to problematic areas.
Affordable CAM-eleon Gimbal Mounts

CAM-eleons are Red Hen's answer to client's requests to affordably take the shake out of high-definition video collected during patrols from aircraft and vehicles. There are great mounts available but they are very expensive, often delivering more precision than is required for pipeline, wildlife, and aerial patrols.Red Hen's smaller CAM-eleon weighs in at approximately 2 pounds and includes a built-in Sony QX-10 high definition video camera that attaches to the helicopter's interior. The larger CAM-eleon, weighing in at eleven pounds, is better adapted for heavier cameras, including DSLRs and infrareds. It can be strapped onto the cargo pit or onto cranes. Stop by Booth #5063 and Red Hen's experts will help you decide which option best suits your needs.

About Red Hen Systems

Founded in 1997, Fort Collins, Colo.-based Red Hen Systems, LLC is rapidly bridging dynamic markets from conservation to energy, from military to transportation, and from utilities to satellite imagery. The company goes beyond basic data collection and GIS image applications by providing customized mapping software and hardware for digital video and audio; servicing, educating, and training a variety of clients in relevant GIS markets. For more information, visit: or call 800-237-4182. 


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