Monitoring your GIS 24/7
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Monitoring your GIS 24/7

Apr 9, 2015 -- One of the top priorities of any GIS manager or administrator is to have their Enterprise GIS set-up running smoothly without any interruptions. However, from time to time, outages occur in an Enterprise GIS as no system is perfect. With a growing number of companies moving towards a service-oriented architecture as a foundation for their overall GIS strategy, the need to monitor all the components within an Enterprise GIS infrastructure has become fundamentally important. If one asks themselves "how do I know when a GIS service, application or database goes down in the company?” the answer is often "when someone calls it in". It may work for companies with a small GIS footprint, but definitely not if it’s an organization where the services and data are required to be available for consumption around the clock, such as emergency response centers and large corporations.

Keeping in line with its mission to provide cutting-edge GIS solutions, GeoPropel developed iGeoAssetTM, a real time GIS monitoring tool, to monitor and alert users of changes in an Enterprise GIS environment at all times. With iGeoAsset, a GIS end-point is monitored 24/7 and in the event of an outage, a notification is sent immediately via email and text messages to everyone subscribed to the alert. iGeoAsset can monitor and communicate with a wide variety of ArcGIS services. The software is currently designed to support:

1. ArcGIS Server services (REST and SOAP):

  Map service

  Oracle Geodatabases

  Feature service

  SQL Server Geodatabases

  Geocoding service

  ArcGIS Online Services

  Geodata service

  ArcGIS Web-adapter

  Geoprocessing service

  Portal for ArcGIS Server

  Geometry service

  ArcIMS Services

  Globe service

  Web applications

  Schematics service

  Rest Services

  Search service

  SOAP Services (WSDL)


2. OGC Services

  Web Coverage Service (WCS)

  Web Feature Service (WFS)

  Web Map Service (WMS)

  Web Map Tile Service (WMTS)

iGeoAsset comes with a variety of charts that will help you monitor and assess the health of different components that exist within an Enterprise GIS setup. While monitoring a GIS end-point, iGeoAsset collects and stores all the data within the proprietary database, which is later used to perform analytics and identify any issues within the system (e.g., uptime chart, aggregated response rate chart). 


iGeoAsset can be configured to collect ArcGIS Statistics continuously at specified intervals. The ArcGIS statistics collected are stored within the proprietary database and can be mined for performance trends and patterns of an ArcGIS Service. iGeoAsset can be configured to collect ArcGIS server log records continuously at specified intervals. 

The logs retrieved are stored within the application’s database and are used to perform comparative analysis with alert events. With alert history, ArcGIS server statistics and ArcGIS server logs all in one place, identifying the reason for a service or application outage is just one mouse click away.

Please click  here to request a free evaluation copy of full version of iGeoAsset. For more information on iGeoAsset, please visit

About GeoPropel, LLC

GeoPropel, headquartered in Houston-Texas, is a leading solutions provider and staffing partner with core expertise in Enterprise GIS and application development. At GeoPropel, we understand that any technology investment will only bring value when technology aligns with your business strategy. We are one of the few Enterprise GIS solutions providers with proven experience in helping companies implement and manage their Enterprise GIS software and infrastructure. We have many years of experience in developing these solutions based on ESRI ArcGIS products, Microsoft Bing Maps and Google Maps and integrating GIS with wide variety of enterprise solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint, SAP, and Microsoft CRM.

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