Breaks the Mold With New Solution for Professional Drawings, Charts, Diagrams and More
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SAN DIEGO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 20-10-2004 -- has released the highly anticipated SmartDraw 7. The release includes a fresh, new interface and a wide array of powerful new features designed to deliver instant productivity to users worldwide.

"This is a major new release," said Paul Stannard, CEO. "We revamped the interface, made it easier to use, and concurrently streamlined the look-and-feel while delivering more functionality. We also added thousands of new professionally designed symbols and templates to address every customer need. If our customers asked for it, it's there."

SmartDraw helps people draw professional flowcharts, org charts, Gantt charts, mechanical and software diagrams, floor plans, calendars -- and virtually any other drawing or diagram -- in just a few minutes.

With SmartDraw 7, even first-timers can enjoy eye-catching, effective and expert results. More than 60,000 symbols and templates can be accessed with only a click. SmartDraw 7 also features more than 30 helpful new Wizards, designed to make popular projects easier by walking users through each task, step-by-step.

Other new features:


--  Easier, Faster Flowcharts.  SmartDraw 7 automatically inserts
    connecting lines between shapes. Drag a symbol next to another symbol and a
    line connects them without the user having to lift a finger.
--  Automatic Line Hops. SmartDraw 7 automatically creates a "hop" in a
    line as it crosses another, making it clear that lines do not intersect.
--  A Flowchart Wizard.  Users are walked through each step required to
    build a professional flowchart, ensuring professional results the very
    first time.
Org Charts
--  Org Chart Builder: Organizational charts are built automatically by
    simply importing a data file (such as a spreadsheet) containing org chart
--  Perfect Formatting: Shapes and lines on automatic connectors are made
    perfectly spaced with one click.
--  Insert photos into shapes. Personalize organizational charts with real
--  An Org Chart Wizard.  SmartDraw walks users through the steps of
    making a basic organizational chart, from getting started to fine-tuning
Floor Plans
--  Enhanced Content.  More furniture, more office hardware, more
    landscape elements, more walls, etc.
--  Automatic Area Calculation.  Easily view the exact area of a floor
    plan shape.
--  Automatic Dimensioning.  View the length of any line as it is drawn.
--  New Textures.  Make floor plans more realistic with surface textures
    like tile, stone, and more.
--  Floor Plan Wizard: The Wizard helps people make a basic floor plan,
    from getting started to adding rooms, walls, and furniture, and it details
    how to print to scale.
Gantt Charts, Calendars, and Timelines
--  Calendar Creator.  Plan as far ahead into the future as desired by
    simply entering a month and a year into the Calendar Creator.
--  Easier Tables.  Automatically generate date ranges and populate table
    headers with numbers, months, or days.
--  Digital Stickers.  Symbols representing appointments, holidays, and
    special events may be locked in to calendars.
--  Wizards: Users learn how to build Gantt charts, timelines, and
    calendars. Each wizard is specific to its task and takes users from getting
    started to printing.
Technical Diagramming
--  Perfect connection points: Connect lines to electrical, piping and
    other engineering symbols in exactly the right position using SmartDraw 7's
    new smart connection points.
--  Live Dimensioning and Area Calculation:  The length of a line may be
    viewed as it is drawn and the area of a shape can be calculated
--  Improved Zoom.  Zoom up to 1000%.
--  Wizards: SmartDraw provides wizards to help users build electrical
    engineering diagrams, ERD and UML diagrams, website and hyperlink diagrams,
    and more.
Other Features
--  Anti-aliasing.  Drawings have smoother curves, lines and text.
--  The SmartDraw Image Plug-In.  People can view and edit digital images
    and photos, and insert them into org charts, floor plans, flowcharts, and
    other SmartDraw drawings.
SmartDraw works hand-in-hand with Microsoft Office® and many other programs and products people use every day. The major commands and functions within programs such as Word®, Excel®, and PowerPoint® also work in virtually the same way in SmartDraw: copy and paste, drag and drop, and more continues to offer free, live, in-house tech support. SmartDraw software is available online for a free trial download at

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