TEVET Announces Flexible, Cost-Effective RF Switching from Keysight Technologies
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TEVET Announces Flexible, Cost-Effective RF Switching from Keysight Technologies

Keysight's L8990M Modular Switch Matrix Platform extends TEVET's ability to provide customers with complete, high-performance test solutions

GREENEVILLE, Tenn., June 23, 2020 — (PRNewswire) —   TEVET, a premium test and measurement supplier, today announced the Keysight L8990M Modular Switch Matrix is available for TEVET customers prototyping, creating benchtop setups, and developing integrated systems for a wide variety of RF applications. The new L8990M Modular Switch Matrix brings simple, cost-effective, automated RF switching to critical applications -- including satellite, antennas, radar, electronic warfare, radios, RF components, mobile phones, base stations, and even MIMO testing for semiconductor testing.

Accessible Automated Switching
Traditionally, RF switch matrices contain extensive functionality or require custom development -- approaches that are cost prohibitive and time consuming for systems that need simple, streamlined automated switching. As a result, engineers resort to proprietary solutions or rely on manual methods to meet switching needs. With the new L8990M Modular Switch Matrix, engineers have a cost effective solution.

TEVET is committed to procuring complete solutions for customers quickly and efficiently. By partnering with leading industry instrumentation developers like Keysight, TEVET can provide flexible alternatives for switching challenges.

"The Keysight L8990M Modular Switch Matrix platform dramatically simplifies the requirements for automating RF test systems," said Tracy Solomon, CEO of TEVET. "Now customers have a much easier path to building flexible and reconfigurable RF test configurations without the considerable cost and complexity typically required."

Critical RF Solutions

For more than 15 years, TEVET has worked with technology companies and integrators to simplify the acquisition of technical products, systems, and instrumentation. During that time, Keysight Technologies has been a steadfast partner helping TEVET provide the right automated test solutions to customers.

"TEVET customers are solving imperative challenges for the DoD and DoE, and their customers needed a simple, flexible solution for RF switching," said Kristen White, Switch Matrix Program Manager, Aerospace & Defense ATE Systems at Keysight. "The Keysight L8990M Modular Switch Matrix meets the frequency needs today's applications demand – whether 26, 40, 50, or 67 GHz – and is scalable to adapt to future applications."

Simple Integration

For simple integration into an existing solution, the L8990M Modular Switch Matrix includes:

The Keysight L8990M Modular Switch Matrix is ISR and ROHS compliant, ships fully integrated, and has flexible or semi-rigid cables available as accessories.

For more information, contact TEVET.


Selecting and acquiring the right technology to meet specific challenges requires a partner that can add value at every step. TEVET brings more than 15 years of experience to the acquisition of technical products, systems, and instrumentation - with support from identification to sustainment. With competencies in quality, technology, and personnel, TEVET provides best-in-class acquisition strategies, so customers, suppliers, and partners are successful. TEVET strives to execute at the highest levels, providing service to Country, Customer, and Community. For more information on TEVET, visit www.tevetllc.com.

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