Mentor Graphics Quadruples Veloce Hardware Emulation Capacity to a Half Billion Gates
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Mentor Graphics Quadruples Veloce Hardware Emulation Capacity to a Half Billion Gates

WILSONVILLE, Ore.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—December 15, 2008— Mentor Graphics Corp. (Nasdaq: MENT), the leader in high-performance system verification solutions, today unveiled the Veloce® Maximus product, the industry’s largest capacity hardware emulator. At up to 512 million gates, the Veloce Maximus product exceeds the capacity of competitive offerings by a significant margin. The most complex Systems-on-Chip (SoC) designs in development today demand Veloce Maximus-class capacity for effective functional verification.

Veloce Maximus is powered by the same ground-breaking emulation-on-chip technology as the current family of Veloce products, delivering megahertz-class verification speeds for both “target-less” simulation acceleration and in-circuit emulation applications. When coupled with Mentor Graphics’ extensive set of vertical market solutions, the Veloce Maximus product delivers a platform to meet the needs of Multimedia/Graphics, Computing, Networking and Wireless applications.

“Veloce Maximus continues to realize the scalability of our Veloce architecture,” said Eric Selosse, vice-president and general manager, Mentor Graphics Emulation Division. “We invested heavily to develop an architecture that meets the performance and capacity needs of our most demanding customers. Veloce Maximus is a significant milestone on our product roadmap, but we are also deep into the development of our next leap in emulation capacity and performance. We’re driven to keep pace with our customers’ needs.”

Single System Supports Simulation Acceleration and In-Circuit Emulation

While other vendors offer separate, disjoint product lines for simulation acceleration and in-circuit emulation (ICE), the Veloce product’s unique architecture is well suited to both modes of operation. A complex testbench co-simulating on a workstation typically limits simulation acceleration to 10X or less. Veloce’s Test Bench XPress (TBX) shatters this performance barrier via comprehensive support of transaction-level testbenches driving accelerated transactors through a high-speed SCMI-2 interface. TBX cuts simulation runtimes from hours to seconds, with speedups of 10,000X witnessed on customer designs. In-circuit emulation is advanced by a complete array of iSolve solutions spanning multimedia, interfaces like PCI-Express, and processors from ARM and others. iSolve solutions make it simple to connect your design to the physical world, slashing setup time while delivering comprehensive verification.

Multiple Clock Domains Stress Real-World System Behavior

Veloce’s unique architecture supports 16-asynchronous clock domains to deliver the most accurate verification modeling capability. This allows users to emulate complex, real-world behavior, and to detect and debug difficult corner-case issues, such as cross-domain race-conditions and glitches that are easily missed by other platforms, detecting design errors prior to tape-out, and reducing project risk.

Simulation-Like Debug Delivers Productivity Boost

With a 500 million gate design, debug productivity is paramount. The Veloce Maximus product sports simulation-like features to allow faster and more productive debugging. The Veloce Maximus product simultaneously provides full visibility into each and every net of a 500 million gate design without impacting capacity or performance. Simulation users expect this level of visibility, and the Veloce Maximus product delivers. Other systems force a recompile to remap a limited number of probe points, an untenable notion with designs of this size. Simulation features like save-and-restore are also supported. Saving and restoring the state of a design after the end of an initialization sequence can save billions of clock cycles of verification across multiple regression tests. Maximus also supports assertion-based debugging including 0-In from Mentor Graphics.

Product Availability

First customer shipment of Veloce Maximus is scheduled for January 2009. For product information on the Veloce platform, contact your Mentor Graphics sales representative, call 1-800-547-3000, or visit the website at

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