Extreme DA GoldTime is Deployed into NVIDIA’s Design Flow for Full-chip SI Timing Analysis
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Extreme DA GoldTime is Deployed into NVIDIA’s Design Flow for Full-chip SI Timing Analysis

5X Faster Timing Sign-off and 5X Better Capacity Speeds Timing Closure

Santa Clara, Calif. –– July 20, 2009 –– Extreme DA, the leader in new-generation timing analysis software, announced that NVIDIA Corporation has deployed Extreme DA’s GoldTIme timing analyzer into its production IC design flow.  Through its patent-pending ThreadWave technology, GoldTime provide the fastest analysis of IC timing of complex digital designs using the smallest number of computer resources and without compromising the accuracy of results.  NVIDIA demands the highest performance analysis tools because the complexity of its designs exceeds 50M+ cell instances.  NVIDIA now performs full-chip timing analysis including signal integrity effects on flat designs with no compromises in accuracy.

“NVIDIA is always pushing the envelope to meet the growing need for better graphics hardware,” said Dan Smith, Director of CAD at NVIDIA Corporation.  “Because of GoldTimes’s excellent speed and capacity, we do full-chip SI analysis with no shortcuts.  We have been successful with GoldTime on 50+ million cell instances designs and get results in hours. We are deploying GoldTime to our design teams to improve productivity and maintain design quality. Support for the product has been excellent and issues were turned very quickly.

Mustafa Celik, CEO of Extreme DA, said, “NVIDIA’s market-leading graphics processor designs require the highest levels of speed and capacity without compromising accuracy.  NVIDIA’s deployment of GoldTime to its production teams validates our ThreadWave technology’s ability to handle NVIDIA’s largest designs and deliver the excellent turnaround time and accuracy they require.  Other solutions in the marketplace consume 5X the memory GoldTime does for SI analysis and makes flat full-chip verification impractical or impossible for the largest designs.  Even smaller, mainstream designs can benefit by faster timing closure when analysis takes only minutes to run. We continue to be the market leader in delivering accurate timing analysis that combines the fastest speed and smallest memory footprint with no compromises.”

Celik continued, “We are gratified that NVIDIA has placed their confidence in GoldTime to accelerate timing sign-off and deliver accurate SI analysis in hours.  We look forward to aiding their success on future GPU designs.”

About GoldTime ThreadWave Technology

The latest semiconductor processes with their nanometer-scale geometries allow the creation of extremely dense and complex designs.  Signal interference is very likely to occur in complex designs and must be analyzed prior to chip manufacture.  GoldTime can analyze delay and glitch propagation effects that can cause timing errors and make ICs fail in production.  To account for these SI effects, additional detailed analysis is required that can dramatically slow throughput and balloon consumption of computer RAM memory in earlier generation timing tools.

Extreme’s unique ThreadWave technology tackles this computing challenge head-on and handles the largest digital designs with virtually unlimited capacity.  Through fine-grain multi-threading, a complete timing analysis can run in parallel on a multicore workstation, such as the Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron, to dramatically reduce analysis times to just hours.  Analysis proceeds along a virtual wave front through the design, and capacity requirements grow sub-linearly with an increase in design size.  GoldTime with ThreadWave technology has unlimited capacity for the largest flat designs, even when doing SI analysis. Smaller mainstream designs take only minutes to verify compared to hours for traditional timing tools.

About Extreme DA

Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., venture-funded Extreme DA develops and licenses software products that provide sign-off analysis and improve the performance and yield of nanometer integrated circuits prior to manufacture.  The company’s investors include Foundation Capital, IT-Farm Corporation, and Lanza techVentures.  For the latest news and information on Extreme DA, visit www.extreme-da.com or write to Email Contact.


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