Second Annual Power Architecture® Conferences in Taiwan, Japan, and China Highlighted 2009 Advances
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Second Annual Power Architecture® Conferences in Taiwan, Japan, and China Highlighted 2009 Advances

Engineers, designers, developers, and academia communities joined members for the latest in state-of-the-art Power Architecture technology and ecosystem solutions through demos, keynotes, technical sessions, and networking.

PISCATAWAY, N.J.—December 03, 2009 —, the organization that promotes and develops standards for Power Architecture technology, today announced that the second annual Asian Power Architecture® Conferences highlighted the latest initiatives from the™ ecosystem and featured tutorials, solutions and demonstrations. The events, held in Beijing, China, Tokyo, Japan, and Hsinchu, Taiwan included experts from Freescale, IBM, Denali, Synopsys, CSIP, Academia and who discussed the versatile Power Architecture technology platform and its rich and vibrant ecosystem.

“Despite the slow economic recovery, and its members advanced the development of Power Architecture technology and concluded a number of initiatives in the past 12 months including Power ISA 2.06, Common Debug API Specification, Multicore, Virtualization, Power Architecture licensing and new products for server applications and the embedded market,” said Kaveh Massoudian, CTO, Strategic Alliance, IBM. “Power Architecture technology continues to provide a significant, competitive advantage and continues to be the preferred technology in a wide range of products and ecosystems solutions.”

“Attendees at the Asia Power Architecture Conference enjoyed previews of announcements and took away practical design information, especially from product/solution presentations, a roundtable on multicore and virtualization, and a new segment on competitive differentiation,” Massoudian continued.

The success of this conference was achieved by the effective collaboration of member companies to deliver specifications, platform designs and ecosystems solutions that address current and future systems and applications requirements. Teams devoted special attention to multicore, virtualization, hypervisor and energy management challenges and design considerations.

“Without the support of our sponsors Freescale, IBM, Denali, Synopsys, Lauterbach and Virtutech, these conferences would not have been nearly as successful,” added Massoudian. “Their effort and support combined with the expertise of our keynote speakers from Synopsys, IBM and Freescale and all the presenters, ensured that every attendee walked away feeling empowered to design with Power Architecture technology. The conference drew more than 375 attendees.”

During the events, launched the Chinese language version of its web site for the region and the newest issue of the Power Architecture magazine. Presentations from the event can be found on the web site and are ready for download. Simply follow the links to 2009 Asia PAC for Beijing, Tokyo and Hsinchu.


Power Architecture technology is behind millions of innovative products, including the world’s fastest supercomputers, leading video game consoles, and electronic systems in most of today’s car models. Every phone call, email and Web page touches hundreds of Power Architecture systems.

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