Rolta UK release free loader for Ordnance Survey Great Britain's new VectorMap Local Data Product
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Rolta UK release free loader for Ordnance Survey Great Britain's new VectorMap Local Data Product

February 03, 2010 -- Rolta UK announce the release of a free Loader for OS VectorMap Local. Version 1 of this software which is released today simply and quickly translates and loads OS VectorMap Local GML (Geography Markup Language) formatted data into ESRI SHP format. This software is available to download from the Rolta Europe Website at A second version of this software which translates OS VectorMap Local data into MapInfo TAB format will follow shortly.

OS VectorMap™ Local is a national vector dataset supplied in GML from Ordnance Survey Great Britain (OSGB). It has been derived from OS Landplan data and has been generalised to view between scales of 1:3000 to 1:20,000. OS VectorMap Local is a flexible product that helps its users to visualise information on a map. It enables users to customise the look and feel of the map, incorporating their own information, in their own way. Users can create and share different style sheets, providing a certain view and understanding across their business or project. OS VectorMap Local encompasses the quality of Ordnance Survey data whilst its excellent value makes it accessible to all. The features are supplied as points, lines, polygons and text, and the data has around 130 different types of feature code. To find out more about OS VectorMap Local go to

On the launch of Rolta UK’s OS VectorMap Local Loader, Peter ter Haar, Director of Products at Ordnance Survey says “OS VectorMap Local is an exciting product that provides an alternative to traditional raster mapping products, allowing users to completely customise the content, style and colours of a map to meet the needs of a specific project.
We’re pleased that Rolta UK have chosen to develop a free loader for OS VectorMap Local, enabling users to translate GML data into formats that can be used by a variety of GIS software. We look forward to continue working with Rolta as they further develop their solution for OS VectorMap Local.”

Graham Stickler of Rolta UK added “We believe at Rolta that it is vitally important for users to maximise the use of geospatial data and not to be restricted or hampered by unnecessary technology blocks. We believe users should be spending their time and money in making best possible use of the geospatial data available and integrating such data into core business processes. We therefore felt it important to work with OSGB and to provide a simple loader for OS VectorMap Local to help all customers quickly and easily begin to explore the benefits of the data. By providing this loader free of charge we hope we can help facilitate the take up of this new, exciting, data product.”

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At Rolta we envision a world where geospatial data, business data and analysis converge without the cost and complexity of custom programming or the replacement of legacy applications. We see a world in which businesses assimilate, analyse and visualize complex relationships, operational status and trends in mere seconds rather than in days and weeks. We enable a world in which information accessibility is no longer the constraint to informed planning and decision making. This is the world of remarkable technology innovation, a world where geospatial analysis and business intelligence converge, a world facilitated by Rolta’s Geospatial Fusion technology and Enterprise Geospatial Information Solutions.

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