Inventor Seeks Licensee for Gulf Stream Turbine Patents
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Inventor Seeks Licensee for Gulf Stream Turbine Patents

Hydrokinetic Energy Will Generate Low-Cost Electricity 24-7

MUNDELEIN, Ill., March 24 — (PRNewswire) — Gulf Stream Turbines LLC is seeking a suitable company or group of investors that will license an invention that can produce continuous low-cost electricity from the constantly flowing Gulf Stream.


Unlike the intermittent energy that is in the winds, tides, and waves, the Gulf Stream's kinetic energy is relatively steady because it is produced by a Coriolis force that results from the earth's eastward rotation.  It is because of the Gulf Stream's greater steadiness that the Gulf Stream Turbines can continuously generate power at near their theoretical capacities, making it possible for them to produce from two to six times the electricity that can be produced by the wind turbines and at one-half to one-sixth the cost.

"Because these submersible power plants will be in the ocean, they must be able to operate for long periods without requiring servicing," said John Robson, the inventor.  "This is made possible by relying on the unchanging laws of physics – rather than on mechanical systems that can fail."

Robson said, "A free-floating submerged object will always float with its center of gravity directly under its center of buoyancy.  This fact not only can provide great inherent stability but also permit a machine's depth to be easily changed by transferring ballast water between the front and rear compartments of the buoyancy tank to adjust the hydrofoils' lifting forces.  It also can make the machines much easier to install and recover."

The website contains CAD illustrations and many drawings.

Companies that generate electricity from renewable energy are eligible for a government production tax credit of 2.1 cents per kilowatt-hour for the first ten years of a renewable-energy facilities' operation.  The Gulf Stream's more consistent kinetic energy not only will produce from two to six times the revenues from the sale of the electricity, but also from that subsidy.

The Gulf Stream Turbines will also produce proportionally larger reductions in the emissions of greenhouse gases.  A single Gulf Stream Turbine that is equipped with two 600-kW generators will theoretically generate 8,941,300 kilowatt-hours per year, operating at 85% of its theoretical capacity.  If that electricity were to replace the electricity produced by a coal plant, the CO2 emissions would be reduced by about 13,000 tons.  If that electricity were to replace the electricity produced by burning natural gas, the emissions would be reduced by 5,900 tons and gas consumption by 52.85 billion Btu.

Because the earnings produced by the Gulf Stream Turbines will substantially exceed those of the other renewable energy generating systems, thousands of these machines could soon be generating electricity from that current is just off the coast of South Florida.  

Gulf Stream Turbines LLC was formed in 2009 for the purpose of getting the invention into production.  

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