Atrenta Leverages Web to Enable Strategic Partners to Deliver Customized Predictive Analysis; New OEM Sponsorship Model Provides Token-Based Licensing
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Atrenta Leverages Web to Enable Strategic Partners to Deliver Customized Predictive Analysis; New OEM Sponsorship Model Provides Token-Based Licensing

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 18, 2003--Atrenta(TM) Inc., the Predictive Analysis Company, announced that it has developed an innovative new OEM Sponsorship Model and web-based delivery system to enable its strategic partners to deliver sponsor-specific SpyGlass(R) capabilities to their customers 24x7. Atrenta's flexible token-based web delivery model delivers a convenient and cost effective solution to sponsors that helps reduce design iterations with sponsors' customers, streamline integration and speed the time to silicon. Sponsors experience enhanced adoption rate and customer loyalty while their customers receive higher quality throughput with less rework because errors are caught early in the design cycle, before RTL or netlist handoff. A number of leading ASIC vendors have been the first to adopt this new capability from Atrenta. They are now able to provide their specific ASIC handover tools based on SpyGlass(R) to their customers on an as-need basis, thus reducing overall costs while delivering the industry's only predictive analyzer.

"Two important features in our ASIC development platform process are the flexibility to create our process-specific rules and the ability to deliver these to our customers as we require," said Don Friedberg, Agere Systems' director of design methodologies. "Atrenta's flexible business model and web-based delivery has been critical to the success of our program and it has been well received by our customers."

ASIC vendors take advantage of SpyGlass' in-depth analysis and powerful customization to create RTL, DFT (Design-for-Test) and ERC (gate-level) analyses that are kept proprietary to their process, while their customers can then download the necessary engines and licenses from Atrenta's website. Each strategic partner gets their own private web page for their customers to ensure privacy.

Customizable for Each Strategic Partner

SpyGlass' built-in capabilities can be extended with customized rules that help ensure first-pass ASIC handover success. Vendor-specific rules can easily be added to allow SpyGlass to detect potentially fatal design issues that might be difficult, if not impossible, to identify with other methods. That's why several of Atrenta's partners insist that their customers run SpyGlass on their designs before delivering those designs for ASIC production. Additionally, customized rules can identify areas of poor implementation, which although correct in function may lead to lower circuit performance. Partners can use PERL or C to customize their specific rules. Additional services are available from Atrenta to accelerate the deployment.

"By collaborating with our strategic partners to provide customized solutions for their process-specific requirements, we enable a more streamlined approach to ASIC handover," stated Dr. Ajoy Bose, Atrenta chairman, president and chief executive officer. "Our partners gain a competitive edge by making it easier and faster for their customers to get to silicon."

The customers of Atrenta's strategic partners get the latest SpyGlass software via Atrenta's web-based licensing and download facility. This provides them with 24x7 worldwide access and the fastest turnaround for the most current software and licensing. "Atrenta has embraced the worldwide web as a way to meet our partners' global design requirements," said Philip George, Atrenta's director of business development. "Atrenta has extended its innovation beyond SpyGlass by pioneering this flexible token-based licensing and web delivery method as a way to enhance the communications channel between partners and their customers."


SpyGlass is supported on Sun/Solaris 2.5- 2.8, HP-UX 10.2 and 11.0 and RedHat Linux 7. The OEM Sponsorship model with token-based licensing and 24x7 web-delivery is available now.

About SpyGlass

SpyGlass uses a unique predictive analysis technique to perform detailed structural analysis on Verilog and VHDL RTL in order to detect complex design problems early in the design cycle, resulting in reduced development costs, lower risk and early time to market. SpyGlass' fast-synthesis engine creates a structural representation of the design allowing the most comprehensive and accurate analysis of RTL to detect problems not normally visible in the RTL. Problems detected include clock domain crossings, synchronization, and timing issues, testability problems, SoC integration requirements, RTL-handoff, design reuse, clock/reset requirements, and coding styles. SpyGlass quickly pinpoints critical problems not generally found until after lengthy simulation and synthesis runs, such as combinational loops, levels of logic and fanout violations, tri-state bus decoding errors, inefficient use of resources and much more.

About Atrenta

Atrenta delivers predictive analysis solutions to the world's leading electronics companies, including 8 of the top 10 semiconductor companies. Its pioneering and award-winning SpyGlass Predictive Analysis tools accelerate the design of SoCs, ASICs, and FPGAs by detecting complex chip design problems that are not easily identified with conventional verification methods. During the past year, SpyGlass has been recognized with several distinguishing awards, including EDN magazine's Top 100 products for 2002 and "LSI Design of the Year 2002" award by Japan's Semiconductor Industry News. Atrenta was also chosen by Venture Reporter as one of the top 100 venture-backed companies for 2002 and recently named by AlwaysOn, as one of the Top 100 private companies.

Atrenta, with headquarters in San Jose, Calif., employs over one hundred people worldwide. It has European offices in England and France, a research and development center in India, and sales and support distributors in Central Europe, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and United Kingdom. For further information, visit the Atrenta website at, email Email Contact, or call 408-453-3333.

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