DATA MODUL introduces new controller boards to update its PCAP product portfolio
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DATA MODUL introduces new controller boards to update its PCAP product portfolio

Munich, 24th of June 2020

DATA MODUL presents two new controller boards for its PCAP portfolio based on the latest microchip mXT640U and ILITEK’s ILI2510 PCAP controller IC. The Microchip’s mXT640U IC is suitable for smaller PCAP diagonals up to 10.4’’ and is available as controller boards with either I2C or USB interface. The ILITEK’s ILI2510 IC is suitable for medium sized PCAP supporting diagonals up to 21.5 inch and is available as a controller board with USB interface. This latest generation of PCAP controller ICs not only improves the touch functionality and electrical noise immunity of our PCAP line but also strengthen our relationship with industrial IC partners to guarantee long term availability and support of our products. Samples of the controller boards and corresponding PCAP solutions are available for evaluation upon request.

Further information can be found here.


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