Spectral Design & Test Inc. Announces a Family of Rad Hard By Design (RHBD) Memory Compilers in the GF 12nm process Targeted at the Mil-Aero Space Market
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Spectral Design & Test Inc. Announces a Family of Rad Hard By Design (RHBD) Memory Compilers in the GF 12nm process Targeted at the Mil-Aero Space Market

SOMERVILLE, N.J., Sept. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spectral Design & Test Inc. (SDT), a leading provider of embedded Memory Development platform is announcing a Family of Memory Compilers in the Global Foundries 12nm process. This family of Memory Compilers has been developed to address the needs of the Military and Aerospace markets. The products offered include: Ultra High Speed RHSRAM, Ultra Low Power RHSRAM, and High-Speed Dual Port RHSRAM Compilers. Rad-Hard-By-Design architectures and circuit design techniques were used to achieve the targeted performance goals. Special attention is also given to support extended lifetimes of >150KPOH under high temperature conditions.

Using the Spectral Design Memory Development Platform, designers have access to the world’s most productive embedded memory development environment. This automation technology forms the linchpin of the Spectral’s Enablement Package (SEP).

“In many Mil-Aero applications, customers like to have the flexibility of adding their own radiation hardening techniques to proven commercially available Memory IP,” said William Palumbo, COO of SDT. William added, “Spectral’s industry standard SEP offers the only way for customers to incorporate their confidential rad-hard techniques directly into an existing, advanced Memory Compiler. Our configurable MBIST & Redundancy options in SEP allows customers to further configure peripheral support logic with their own secret sauce to further improve Radiation hardness outcomes.”

SDT is member of the RFwave partnership at Global Foundries providing foundry sponsored Foundation Memory Compilers. They are also Silver Sponsor of the Global Foundries GTC 2020 Conference, that will be held on September 24th. Our Virtual Exhibit Booth will be available during the Conference to provide more detailed information on this C.

About Spectral Design & Test Inc.

Spectral is a point solution provider specialized in embedded memory development. Our products address the needs of library developers & SOC designers. MemoryCanvas™, our flagship memory development product, offers an ease of use and productivity level unmatched in the industry. MemoryTime™ enables designers to model, analyze, characterize and generate integration views for any embedded memory. Spectral also offers intellectual property (IP) in the form of specialized embedded memories as part of their MemoryIP™ offering. Spectral currently supports customers in several different markets namely medical, IoT, 5G infrastructure and many others. For more information, visit http://www.spectral-dt.com or email us at sales@spectral-dt.com.

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