Open-Silicon Introduces IC-Catalyst -- an Integrated Platform for Chip Design and Manufacturing
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Open-Silicon Introduces IC-Catalyst -- an Integrated Platform for Chip Design and Manufacturing

SUNNYVALE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- Aug 08, 2005 -- Open-Silicon, Inc., a fabless ASIC company that provides a predictable, reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional chip design and supply-chain models, is introducing IC-Catalyst, a proprietary fully integrated software system that enables the Company to manage all aspects of a chip-design flow and manufacturing supply chain. IC-Catalyst enables Open-Silicon to provide their customers with ASICs that have high predictability and reliability at a cost much lower that that achievable by a traditional ASIC vendor.

"Open-Silicon's mission is to bring predictable, reliable and cost-effective ASICs to the industry and dramatically increase the number of ASIC designs that go to production," said Dr. Naveed Sherwani, President and CEO of Open-Silicon. "With IC-Catalyst, we are able to exploit the commonality of mainstream ASIC designs and efficiently manage the entire design and manufacturing process. This lets us accelerate time to market for our customer's products."


IC-Catalyst provides an integrated design, manufacturing, and program management infrastructure for the chip development cycle. Phase One of the tool suite focuses on design by addressing the four types of management tasks in an ASIC design implementation:

--  Design Configuration Management
--  Design Flow Management
--  Tool and Hardware Resource Management
--  Design Program Management
By integrating multiple tools into flows and providing a consistent design methodology across multiple chips, IC-Catalyst dramatically improves designer productivity. The tool suite supports designer flexibility for introducing design-dependent variations into the process. IC-Catalyst generates reports and statistics on the quality of each design, efficiency of the implementation, economy of the resources and adherence to the predicted design schedule -- data that ASIC customers rarely receive from their ASIC vendor.

IC-Catalyst captures the learning from every design and propagates it to future designs, resulting in accelerated development time for follow-on chip-design projects. In addition, IC-Catalyst manages machine and tool-license resources, enabling the Design Center Unit to maximize the usage of available hardware and software resources

About Open-Silicon, Inc.

Open-Silicon, Inc. is a fabless ASIC company delivering the most cost-effective, predictable and reliable custom ASIC solution to electronics product customers worldwide. Open-Silicon's OpenMODEL™ is the semiconductor industry's first end-to-end custom ASIC solution based on a revolutionary business model that provides a seamless, low-cost, low-risk alternative to traditional models for complex ASIC design and development. For more information, visit Open-Silicon's website at or call 408-523-1200.

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