Analog & Chip Industry in india, Quality Concerns
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Analog & Chip Industry in india, Quality Concerns

India is witnessing an inflow of chip design from Multinatinals.
Existing companies have been increasing their staff strength in India,
while others are expanding in India.

This has resulted in a shortage of quality manpower & critical mass to

Companies keep hiring from existing companies and this has impacted the
project execution in those companies who lost their staff.
The new design centre takes time to kick off & they just try to keep
the hired engrs without benifiting from them.

This has created shortage of manpower in Analog design. Many companies have
just one expereinced engineer.With skilled people divided among companies &
without critical mass in many companies,Indian Industry as a whole is suffering.
Corporates need to take a more wider & responsible view of the situation otherwise,
It would become more of a "trainee" industry where, trained people (1yr exp) keep on
doing job hopping & getting salary hikes without delivering projects anywhere.

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