Demystifying Augmented Reality for Construction Productivity
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Demystifying Augmented Reality for Construction Productivity

June 21, 2016, 10 - 11 a.m. CST

Webinar Purpose:

Augmented reality (AR) will change the way the construction industry does business. This webinar will help educate and demystify what augmented reality can and cannot do, how AR is being implemented now (with sometimes startling results), and what is required to implement AR in your company.


                 Dexter-Lilley     John-Arczynski
  Dexter Lilley
Index AR Solutions

  John Arczynski,
Operations Director
Index AR Solutions
Webinar Takeaways: 

==> An understanding of how augmented reality can be applied to specific processes achieving positive performance results now

==> AR is applicable in all phases of a capital projects life cycle from pre-visualization through build and inspection to operations and maintenance

==> Augmented reality is not yet easy to implement; it takes experts with experience and knowledge

==> Early adopters will gain a competitive advantage over the competition

==> An understanding of the vast difference between AR and VR and their respective uses

==> Betting on one hardware platform is the best way to ruin enthusiasm for AR in your company


Augmented reality is the overlay of digital information on the real world. The "first down line" on a televised American football game is a simple example of AR. Until recently, AR has been relegated to marketing, media, advertisement, games, and other non-industrial uses. AR has only recently started being applied to industrial challenges and specifically construction and manufacturing. If applied correctly, AR can dramatically improve results now.

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