You are receiving this email as a Internet Business Systems Subscriber on behalf of the ARM Technology Conference =============================================================================== ARM Technology Conference 2010 The Core Of Your Future November 9-11, 2010 The Santa Clara Convention Senter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EE Times invites you to attend the 2010 ARM Technology Conference Register today and save 20% on registration ARM technology lies at the heart of advanced digital products. By attending ARM Techcon on November 9-11, 2010 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, you will be investing in your future by learning all the latest in strategies, tools and methodologies for successfully incorporating ARM IP in your designs. Register today and save 20% on current pricing. Why You Must Be At This Year's ARM Techcon * Best Practices in ARM-Based SoC Power Management Verification - Join us as we share our experiences in SoC power management verification involving advanced ARM Cortex cores. Implications of power management techniques such as power gating, power gating with retention, and dynamic voltage and frequency scaling will be discussed. We'll be discussing some of the best verification methodology practices used today in validating advanced low power designs typically used in various handheld devices. Attend and learn about the latest in SoC power management techniques and their implications on the verification process. Leave this session with some of the best practices used in advanced low power designs today. * Maximize the Power of ARM with DSP - Digital signal processing (DSP) allows ARM developers to use high-level algorithms to create applications best suited for a combination of DSP and microcontroller performance. Learn from Gus Martinez, DSP applications engineer at Texas Instruments, as he reviews the benefits of combining ARM with DSP, including reduced power usage and improved system flexibility. By using the TI's OMAP-L1 processor, he will demonstrate how potential applications, including programmable automation and control, networked AVRs, test and measurement systems, and oscilloscopes, are optimized using ARM architecture with DSP. Attend and learn when it is appropriate to use a DSP processor with ARM, including for imaging, analytics, and audio processing applications, with specific examples. * Efficient C Code for ARM Devices - You can make your C code better quickly, cheaply and easily. Simple techniques are capable of yielding surprising improvements in system performance, code size and power consumption. This session looks at how software applications can make most efficient use of the instruction set, memory systems, hardware accelerators and power-saving hardware features in order to deliver significantly lower power consumption. You will learn tricks which you can use the day you get back to your office! Attend this session to learn simple techniques for improving your C code targeted at ARM platforms. * The Future of Embedded Graphics Processors - The ubiquity of power-efficient processors in the embedded space has led to there being more ARM processors on our planet than people! Consumer expectations of the graphics capabilities of embedded devices is converging with requirements seen previously only on the desktop. Attend this free session as we show what people should expect to see in up and coming products ranging from mobiles to DTVs showing how the modular approach ARM has taken to the architectural design considerations and supporting software meets this demand for power-efficient high-performance graphics. * Build Your Own ARM-based System - FPGA Emphasis - This session demonstrates how to implement Cortex-M3-based designs in a device containing a hard ARM Cortex-M3 and complete microcontroller subsystem, a flash-based FPGA fabric and programmable analog in a single device. Attend as we cover architectural features and design flow to configure the silicon and develop firmware projects. Hands-on exercises will focus on configuring the microcontroller and analog subsystems using the FPGA design flow and running firmware applications and expand to designs that take advantage of the FPGA fabric. Attend and a have a chance to leave with an evaluation kit. * BEST VALUE: - The All Access Pass offers full access to over 90 sessions in both the Chip Design and Systems & Software Design Conferences, across 3 days (November 9th - 11th), access to Keynote/Industry Addresses, the Expo Floor and more! Register Today ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Group Registration Bring your whole team to ARM Techcon! The more people you bring, the more you save. For more information, contact Registration at: 800.441.8826. Discounts apply to current registration pricing and cannot be combined with any other offer. 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