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No 1.  October 2007







A perfect SoC design requires first-class and pre-verified components. Evatronix' USB solutions and Embedded Internet subplatform are developed to meet your most sophisticated needs.

Both solutions are based on R8051XC, our best selling for years silicon proven microcontroller core with fully configurable set of peripherals.


USB subplatform

Evatronix' R8051XC-CUSB2 subplatform is a right choice for designers who need to integrate IC USB controller's functionality into their SoC. It's a pre-integrated solution based on USB Full/High-Speed function controller, R8051XC microcontroller and an optimized software stack. It features both USB Full/High-Speed (480/12 Mbps) function interface and configurability of R8051XC microcontroller. The USB 2.0 function controllers easily achieve maximum data rates for all USB transfer types (bulk, isochronous, interrupt and control), while R8051XC enables to tune the peripheral set to user needs.

The subplatform was applied in USB Video Camera controller. Refinement of every hardware and software element of this solution makes it exceptional in the IP market. You can just plug in a CCD sensor and a microphone and your USB Video Camera is ready to go. Functional features of the device can be easily customized to specific application requirements by means of simple software modification.

The key of this complete solution is integration of three complementary elements in one system:

  • hardware — well-known 8051-family microcontroller (R8051XC) with its low-cost and configurability advantages together with USB 2.0 connection (CUSB2),

  • software — covering rich functional features of a USB Video Camera device, with an additional possibility to customize a range of the camera functionality according to customer requirements,

  • evaluation board — Evatronix mature and proven EB5, ready to be tested with any USB solution.

    If you want to offer ready-to-use reference design as a base for development of low-cost 8-bit embedded USB 2.0 devices, check our USB subplatform. It is a design developed for reuse both in ASIC and FPGA implementations.

    Click this link to find out more about this solution.


    8-bit Embedded Internet subplatform

    Our Embedded Internet subplatform is a complete solution which integrates R8051XC & MACL with the CMX-MicroNet™ TCP/IP stack, all implemented on the EB5-Tiny FPGA development board as a reference design. For off-loading the host microcontroller, generation and analysis of checksums are implemented in hardware. The web server application shows the typical use - controlling embedded systems remotely via the internet. It minimizes the effort of adding an internet connectivity to your embedded product.

    With our Embedded Internet SoC subplatform implementing a lean Internet interfaced system-on-chip becomes a straightforward task.

    HTTP server built on top of the CMX Micronet TCP/IP stack runs on R8051XC, connecting to Ethernet network with MAC-L IP core (enhanced with hardware checksum accelerator).

    R8051XC interfaces a set of sensors (thermistor, photodiode, push buttons) and objects (set of LEDs and fan). It reads the temperature, level of light to which photodiode is exposed and position of push buttons. It may also switch on of off any of eight light emitting diodes as well as turn on or off a fan and set one of three speeds with which fan rotates.

    The state of sensors may be seen with web browser that runs on PC connected to the design over Ethernet cable (after proper configuration of its TCP/IP connection). The web page managed by R8051XC is updated periodically or on demand of the web browser operator. The operator may control the state of the diodes and rotation of the fan by clocking corresponding graphic representation of these objects on the web page. Such a command is transmitted over Internet protocol to application that runs on R8051XC and controls the diodes and the fan.

    You can find more information here.



    Both subplatforms are only a part of our downloadable product catalog.


  • Evatronix unveils an Embedded Internet Subplatform

  • Evatronix adds an ATAIF software driver to its configurable ATAIF Host Controller IP

  • Evatronix joins OCP-IP to provide designers with better design reusability and faster time-to-market

  • Evatronix USB subplatforms enable easy design-in of USB connectivity into System-on-Chips


    TIP No. 1. Verilog operators "&" (and) and "|" (or) can be applied to a vector,
    that allows to check all the bits of a vector together.
    wire [7:0] vector;
    // these 2 assignments are equivalent
    wire vector_is_all_1s = (vector==8'hFF);
    wire vector_is_all_1s = &vector;
    // these 2 assignments are equivalent
    wire vector_is_all_0s = (vector==8'h00);
    wire vector_is_all_0s = ~|vector;
    // these 2 assignments are equivalent
    wire vector_is_non_0 = (vector!=8'h00);
    wire vector_is_non_0 = |vector;

    TIP No. 2. The VHDL construction &lquot;wait on ev for t1&rquot;, which means &lquot;waiting for ev no longer than t1&rquot; can be put this way:

    disable name;
            disable name;



    CAST, Inc. is a privately owned IP provider with an established position in the IP market. The company is known for high-quality products, flexible licensing, and responsive technical support. More information on

    CAST — Evatronix relation started in 1994 when Evatronix included CAST library of VHDL simulation models to a portfolio of EDA products that were distributed on the Polish market at that time.

    When Evatronix started development of IP cores in 1997 it capitalized on this relationship and took advantage of CAST visibility to bring technology developed in Poland to the world wide market.

    Over years this cooperation turned into strategic partnership aimed at serving IC designers all over the world with a mixture of CAST sales and support experience along with cost-effective technology solutions developed at Evatronix.


    CMX Systems, Inc. provides real‑time multi-tasking operating systems and programming tools for embedded applications in different areas of business, ranging from medical to aerospace industry. More information on

    Evatronix and CMX common interest resulted in development of 8-bit Embedded Internet subplatform, a complete solution where CMX-MicroNet™ TCP/IP software stack was used to offer a complete embedded system controlled remotely via the Internet.


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