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  • Achieving Timing Closure with FPGA Physical Synthesis

    Step off the design iteration treadmill by using physical synthesis to rapidly solve timing problems in today's complex FPGAs. This article explains how physical synthesis technology works to concurrently optimize both logical and physical aspects of a design for single-pass timing closure.

  • Advanced Synthesis Techniques for Radiation Hardened Antifuse Programmable Logic Design

    Simply using a Rad hard technology is not sufficient to provide low susceptibility to high-radiation environments. This article discusses design techniques such as TMR and TMR-CC and how to apply them in FPGA synthesis.

  • Who Defines the FPGA Interface

    As FPGA packages pass 1000 pins, managing the interface between the FPGA and board becomes a daunting task. This article discusses sharing the interface definition between the board and FPGA design worlds.

  • Flexible Design Solutions for SOHO Wireless LAN Applications

    FPGAs provide an excellent platform for rapid development of applications in the fast-moving wireless LAN arena. This paper discusses SOHO applications of Xilinx Spartan series FPGAs.
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