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Re-timing for Performance Improvement in FPGA Designs
When there are just too many levels of logic between registers in your
FPGA design, there may be no alternative to logic retiming (moving
logic across register boundaries). Retiming can be a powerful tool for
balancing delays in your circuit, but like most engineering decisions,
there are tradeoffs that must be considered and weighed. Learn the ins and outs of retiming for FPGA design in this new technical paper from Mentor Graphics
Comparison of VHDL, Verilog and SystemVerilog
As the Hardware Description Language (HDL) enhancement activities have increased over the past year, so too has the complexity in determining which language(s) are the best tools for designers and organizations to continue using or to adopt. Many designers and organizations are contemplating whether they should switch from one HDL to another. Download this paper now to view an objective discussion of the technical characteristics of the various languages.
Reducing FPGA Costs by Saving a Speed Grade
When timing problems plague your FPGA design, you often find
yourself in an unpredictable loop of floorplanning, resynthesizing,
and re-running place and route. One way to break this cycle is
using physical synthesis technology that simultaneously optimizes
physical and logical aspects of the design. This paper explains how physical synthesis can be applied to FPGAs.
Are the Benefits of using FPGA's Consumed by the Obstacles of Integrating the FPGAs on a Printed Circuit Board?
FPGAs have proven to be a valuable technology in today's electronic industry, offering performance, time-to-market, and cost advantages. Evidence of their pervasiveness is the fact that almost every Printed Circuit Board (PCB) now contains at least one FPGA. But, does the process of putting the FPGA on a PCB compromise those highly valued benefits?This paper examines the move from ASIC to FPGA technology, and the impact of FPGA on board integration today.
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Managing the Increasing Complexity of ASIC & FPGA HDL Designs
Advanced Techniques for Achieving Design Closure with Precision RTL Synthesis
Managing High-Bandwidth Applications Efficiently in FPGAs
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